Breath of Fire II Remake [GERMAN VERSION]

Not quite as exciting as I hoped, but someone might like this.

Remember the BoFII remake that I mentioned like a year ago? Well, it’s finally done, at the very least in the German version. You need the BoFII ROM to patch over.

I don’t really know who can speak that jaw-breaking language in here, but if you can, and like BoF, this might make you happy.

English version is “in the works” until further notice.

Hmmm, I might try this out.

Haha, dragonquester.

Anyway I think I’ll try this out. I know some German so I can probably struggle my way through stuff.



See, this assumes BoF II was a good game, which it wasn’t.

Hm, I may give this a try… if I’m in the mood to fight endless battles with little experience. The demons were not to be toyed with.