Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

Something that constantly irks me is when I beat the game and improve my rating, it gives no interface with which to find out where your strong areas (Like playing it without saving, less than 8 hours, etc). Am I missing something here? Is there some way to find out where your gameplay is weak?

I’m totally addicted to the game and require to have 1/4 D-Ratio, but I don’t know what areas my performance is weak! Do I just have to guess at it after I use up an entire day playing it?

Is it all that necessary? If you’re really worried, the best advice I can give you is to raise your average party level by hording a LOT of Party experience - that’s the easiest way to get a lot of points.

I have a few hundred thousand party experience or so. I am not worried, but rather motivated. I WANT to achieve the highest possible ratio, even though I am at 1/32 and have seen the entire story, maped the entire game, I want to reach the Dragon Quarter status.

I got question how do you get your d-ratio to increase 1/32 im still at 1/8192.

You get a new D-Ratio when you finish the game.

thank you skankin’garbage