Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter question

If you use the techniques Side slash and Vert Slash in that same order you get X slash,my question,are they other techs like this that if you do them in a certain order you get a more powerful one? and if so can you post some?

Any help is appreciated.

Well… Ryu only has X Blade, and Bosch has Twin Wake, which I don’t remember how to do. Nina has none, and Lin has a BUNCH. One of her biggest strengths is the fact that she has a lot of combos. They don’t work like Ryu’s, either; you can continue to tack on moves afterwards.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember how to do Twin Wake, and I don’t remember a lot of Lin’s combos. The only ones I remember are

Greetings -> C’mere : Makes a Steal Attempt

That’s It! -> Shatter! : Shatter does extra damage.

I asked on the GameFAQs message board for someone to repost the combos. That’s where I got them in the first place, anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rawk! I got the combo list for ya, man :smiley:

Courtesy of Kusanagi from the GameFAQS boards, here’s the combo list:

X Blade
Side Slash->Vertical Slash
2-hit spread.

Twin Wake
Poisonbite->Lion Smash

Ryu and Bosch’s special skills both end their combos, but that’s not the case with Lin. They can be strung together to make highly effective attacks.


Extra Damage Combos:
There!->Take This!
That’s It!->Keep At It!
That’s It!->Shatter!
That’s It!->Drop Dead!

Stealing Combos:
That’s It->Go On!
Greetings->C’mere!->That’s It!->Go On!->A Present <-- Triple Steal Combo!

Status Combos:

Attack Down
Hey, Hey!->How’s That?

Defense Down
There!->How’s That?

Speed Down
Too Slow!!->How’s That?

There!->Stay Here!

That’s It!->Stay Here!

Go On!->Kidding!

Positioning Combos:

Hit Back
Stay Here!->Kidding!

Draw In
Outta My Way->Kidding!
Hey, Hey!->C’mere!

And here’s the ‘Super Shatter Combo’:

Hey Hey!->C’mere!->That’s It!->Shatter!!->A Present

Thanks man i owe you one,i was looking for it yesterday but got to sleepy.

Heh, and then I was here thinking you’d really find all those combos by yourself, SG. :stuck_out_tongue: