Breath of Fire 3 review

[Spoiler]6- The Brood did not use their “Ultimate Power” to defend themselves, out of fear that they would destroy the World, and were nearly exterminated as a result. Yet it was OK for Ryu to use it against Myria? Wasn’t that really risky?

It could be that if one of the Brood used the Ultimate Power to defend themselves, the other Brood would naturally join them in comradre. But if they decided that they would all just die passively, then it would be "easier. Since Ryu was the only Dragon left, he could freely blow her up without worrying about other dragons joining him.[/Spoiler]


Never explained, I don’t think. It was said that some of the brood escaped Myria by hiding deep underground, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Never explained. I always thought that was kind of stupid.

Never explained, but not really that important, either.

Those aren’t really weapons of mass destruction. They’re dangerous, but I mean, look: There are hardly any bazookas in the world - especially in the ‘not desert’ part of the world. Also, there is only one Chrysm Plant. The actual amount of dangerous technology is scarce, and couldn’t even be used for purposes of mass destruction, or even war, too efficiently.

This pissed me off big time in the story. A big part of why Rei says he wanted to go with Ryu was to learn why Myria would allow such types of power to exist at all…but, he never even asked! How ridiculous.

Yggdrasil tells Ryu that his power alone is not enough to destroy the world. I think either

  1. It would have to be several dragons using it all the time, much like what would happen in a war, or

  2. Their power was sorely overestimated.

Both are hinted at well enough in the game.[/SPOILER]

No idea. I was pretty sure some of the windians had wings, though. Either way, no answer, but not all that important.

I always just figured that, since the whole ‘enhanced life’ projects were made using sap from a Yggdrasil tree, that all mutations that mutated enough to be conscious were Yggdrasil. I mean, think about how oddly wise the mutant you killed in the beginning was! And yes, I think that Yggdrasil is just one mind.[/SPOILER]

Never mentioned, probly not important.

She wasn’t doing anything! I always thought it was funny that the brood called her ‘evil’ even though she wasn’t. I guess they wouldn’t really know much better, although the same people who say they aren’t bitter are the ones who call her evil. I think she was just trying to baby the world, and killing the brood was a part of that. The quest was never to go kill Myria, after all; it was a quest to find the truth. The party sort of contrived a reason to fight her after they met her, which I always thought was stupid.

A lot of BoF III’s story hangs on the very-badly integrated backstory previous to BoF I, a sort of legacy of the time where they included the game’s story in the manuals instead of the games themselves, made exponentially worse when said manuals were never translated officially and the first game had such a bad translation. Let us all remember that continuity and good story-telling are very novel concepts to Capcom, so older works are… well, like this.

Not explained here, but BoFIV has Ryu’s “Dragon Eye”, a sort of foresight skill that works randomly whenever the plot calls for it. The First and Second Ryu also had a couple of dreams like these. So… don’t think about it too much.

Likely collateral damage from centuries of her and her son Deathevans’ granting strength to puppets to do her biding. That’s why the demons and such even appeared in the world to begin with and were sort of left on their own when their masters got shafted by Ryu I and II. Might be a random thing she’s not even takeing care of for anymore since it’s not big-scale enough. She’s not almighty.

The Brood DID already kinda devastate the planet in the war that sealed Myria the first time around (Before BoF I) and Zog’s crusade. Probably a single one isn’t enough to cause so much ruckus. Ryu has also got a Chosen One kinda deal going, so he can accomplish stuff on his own that would have probably taken a lot of his clan to pull off.

The Fae have progressively lost their power ever since Ryu I married Nina I and messed up their lineage. Nina III has very tiny (and useless) wings on her back, but most of them don’t even have them anymore.

She essentially froze the world’s developpment one way or another… except she still couldn’t stop the decadence, so she was just delaying the inevitable. It was either her restricting the Desert’s advance as well a she could but never stopping it completely so the world might eventually face a slow agonizing death, or taking the gamble with Yggdrasil’s sprout and the whole ususal war, greed, weaponry development et al to aim for a recovery or simply hasten the destruction.