If yes or soemtimes, what for ?

Yes. To eat.

Yes, When I was a kid I didnt like it. But around 14-15 I started eating it all.

Yep. Not as good as the stuff in-between, but it’s still bread nonetheless.


i usually dont, but one time i made an all-butt-piece sandwich because thats all there was.

seldom do I eat them. I mostly use them to put in cookie containers. It keeps the cookies soft and most, while getting hard and dry itself.

It’s best lightly toasted.

Yes, don’t like wasting food. I used to not when I was younger, was really picky.

As long as I can put something on it, and it’s not moldy or smelling bad, then I’ll eat it.

Yes, I often use them to throw at brothers, hobos, old people, old hobos, and fill them with rice to throw at seagulls. ^^

Oh, and sometime I eat it- but not often, since other people eat it before me.



Same for the not wasting food… and sometimes I’m in an extra-crusty mood, and those pieces are just practically all crust, so yeah. I always have the bread heels!

Always… it’s great and I love it…

I actually prefer the heels, sadly enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if it it is late at night and there is nothing else to eat. I usually use them for a sandwich or gravy bread.

No. I don’t like bread anyways, unless it’s loaded with mustard, so I can’t taste anything but the mustard.

I like mustard…

I eat them if there’s absolutely nothing else, but usually, I pull them out of the bag and let them get stale enough to throw at somebody