This is the BRB thread. Please post all BRBs in this thread. Each BRB will call forth a unanimous vote regarding whether or not the requestee will be granted the right to carry out their BRB, as well as a time allotment, TP allotment, and what stage of BRB they are allowed to go to. The majority of the votes must be in favor of you or else you cannot carry out your BRB. However, if you have a notarized document from your doctor regarding your urgent need to BRB, you must scan this document and attach it to your 20 page, handwritten intent of BRB, then post both documents to this thread for RPGC to verify. Verification will involve a randomly selected BRB committee member going to the randomly selected secret BRB committee to verify your BRB credentials. If your BRB cannot be verified within 1 hour of your post, then your intent of BRB and notarized BRB document from your doctor will be voided and you must start over. You may only post one BRB request per 4 hour time period. If you are granted a BRB, failure to complete your BRB in your BRB time allotment will forbid you from requesting a new BRB for a period of 1 year or until your bowels explode, whichever comes first. You cannot trade, sell, or give BRB to fellow BRBers; however, you may dispose of granted BRB if you desire. Each BRB has a shelf life of 30 minutes from being granted. The BRB committee may change the rules and regulations of BRBing at their discretion and without written notice.


brb verifying that this is legit

edit: it is

Gonna check out how drunk Jetta was when he posted this thread. BRB! :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to do yo’ momma Jetta. brb :smug:

And now I notice that his name is not Jettura.