Brave new world.

I did the server migration to hopefully be able to choose my server and end up on Pehonix with everyone in FF11. I didn’t get that and got put on one of the new servers (Remora). Wow, so this is what Ff11 was like when it was released in Japan. There are so many new people, the server is fairly empty, things are as expensive as hell (such as a Laun Shield was over 1000 gil and simple spells run at least 4000 gil), and most people don’t have a subjob let alone an advanced job. It is sort of funny, I went from being one of the weaker, maybe average strength players, to one of the more powerful ones really fast. I haven’t found a single Japanese eprson on this server either. I’ve seen people that speak other languages, but not Japanese (not that I really played with them much anyway). I mostly see Brazilians on the server. The server is so new, that up until today the Beastmen ruled everything. Now the first ranking has been done and the power has evened out in certain areas (mostly the ones outside the starting towns). If anyone wanted to buy me a Pheonix world pass I wouldn’t pass it up. hint hint, nudge nudge

Nevermind about the world pass, I found one at GameFAQs (took some searching though).

See, this is why you read the updates. Applying for emmigration would only send you to one of the new servers, not one of the pre-existing ones.

It’s not all bad, I was able to get my world pass to Phoenix. Now I’ll just get my levels back. In fact, it sort of works better this way since I wanted to build my character a different way. I was stuck in the beginning areas anyway.

Wow…if NA players knew going in there would not be many JPs on the new server, I bet lots would have moved. Because the servers are in Japan, they claim HNMs faster due to less lag.

The ping difference isn’t bad enough that JPs always get the HNMs. True, they have a SLIGHT advantage of about 90 miliseconds, but it takes several seconds to target the monster, and hit your 'voke Macro.

And if you really need the HNM that bad, bring along a few Dragoon friends, their wyverns will get in the way of targetting for everyone, so /targetnpc isn’t useful at all.

Info, Want a hand in development ? i can Plvl you and help you with equip

If you would, that would be awesome. I’m in Bastok right now and my name is “Inasuh”. I can be on as early as 5 PM (PST) tomorrow if that would work for you. After that, I’ll be free the rest of the weekend if that works better for you. Just tell me when you need me to be on.