Bran Van 3000

Not the newest, but a very good artist.
Anyone else a fan?
I’ve been listening to quite a few tracks off of Discosis (Go Shoppin’, More Shoppin’, a cover of Cum on Feel the Noize, and a few others.)
Go Shoppin’ and More Shoppin’ are quite good :slight_smile:

I remember when Drinking in LA came out way back in elementary school. All the kiddies were obsessed with it and I remember thinking “well this song sucks”. Never got the hype.

I did, however, come to like All I Want To Do Is Love You or something like that. Yeah I’m purely mainstream. Other than that I haven’t heard from them at all…

I didn’t know they were THAT old. Holy shit.
I’m talking about their somewhat recent album Discosis…

Yes, they are old. “Drinking in LA” was on the radio when I was, well, in high school (as could be deduced from Eva’s post :P). And I hated it too. I’m not sure I’ve heard enough of their newest stuff to comment.

Yeah, drinking in LA sucks.