Brain Sex

It’s pretty cool.

Hmm. Not quite what first sproing to mind.

The perils of pulp science fiction fandom…

Ya gotta love the BBC. Too bad it costs so damn much to have a TV in England.

Post test:

I got male, about 25% over on the spectrum. I’m gonna spoiler the rest so I don’t skew other people’s results by inadvertently giving some advance warning. Sorry for the big blocks of black stuff.

…or not, since no one else is doing it…

Part 1: Spatial ability
Angles (15/20)
I appear to have both male and female traits in spacial awareness.

Spot the differences (64%)
I scored higher than the average for men or women. This says, according to them, that my abilities in this area (spot the changes) are about balanced between men and women, though on the female side (Balanced is 34%-66%)

Part 2: Hands
Well, I’m a left-brainer, more analytical and verbal.

Part 3:
Emotions and Systems
Empathize (4/20)
This is below the average scores for men (7.9) and women (10.6). Do not come to me in an emotional crisis. I’ll fuck you up.

Systematize (10/20)
I’m between the average for women (8) and men (12.5). So I’m meh on building and analyzing things.

Eyes (7/10)
Apparently while I got a shitty score on the Empathzing questionaire, I’m actually better at it than I think, which is supposedly normal. I was pretty decent at judging emotions by the eyes, putting me more in the female camp.

Part 4:
Ratios (.98 left, .97 right)
Slightly below both camps, but basically there.

Part 5:
I prefer the feminine looking ones. Hooray.

Part 6:
3D shapes (11/12)
Above the averages for men (8.2) and women (7.1). It’s a male trait though, and scores like mine crop up in engineering and science (Woo Comp. Sci.!)

Words (6)
One associated with color, five synonyms for “happy.” This is far below the averages for both men (11.4) and women (12.4). This puts me just barely in the female camp, one less word away from the strong, silent type.

Ultimatum (20 quid of 50)
Demanding less than 60% of the pot is a more female trait, but there isn’t much weight on it because the averages for men and women respectively are almost dead on 51%. We’re all out to screw each other when it comes to money, but apparently I’m a more compromising kind of guy overall.

Well, inna final analysis, I’m pretty damn wierd.

Not what I first thought. Might as well take my brain condom off.

My graph looks like Steve’s.

Angles: 15/20 0.1 less than the average for men.
Spot the Difference: 71%
Hands: Left brain dominant
Emotions & Systems: Empathy: 5/20
: Systemising: 13/20
Eyes: 5/10
Fingers: Right = 0.93
: Left = 0.94
Faces: I prefer more feminine faces
3D shapes: 9/12 I ran out of time in this section
Words: 13 words for grey and 5 for happy
Ultimatum: Split it down the middle

What’s this mean? I’m good at analysing things but don’t come to me with your emotional problems.

I was closer to the side of female.
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Its kind of retarded because I tested high into male on the male tests and high into female in the female tests. Ironically, I scored a perfect on the “are you a scientist” test.

I got a 50 on the male index (average male score), 19/20 on the angles, 11/12 on the 3d puzzle thing, and somehow got a 7/10 on the eyes, despite how horrible I was at all the other emotional things.

My chart thingy looked exactly like Steve’s.

Angles test: 14/20 (Male & female traits in spatial ability)
Spot the Difference: 57% (Balanced male-female brain)
Hands: Left thumb on top (right brain is dominant)
Empathising: 8/20 (not very good)
Systemising: 7/20 (also not very good)
Eyes: 4/10 (I find it neither difficult nor easy to judge emotions)
Fingers: Probably horrendously botched because there isn’t a single fucking ruler in the house, but my ring fingers are longer than my index fingers, whatever that’s supposed to mean.
Faces: Apparently I prefer more masculine faces. Of course, this test assumes that I must think any of these faces are above the “fugly” level.
3D Shapes: 10/12 (ran out of time before I could answer for the last two, so a perfect score for what I had done. And no I am not an engineer nor do I have much of a science background)
Words: 29 words total, kicking the collective ass of the averages
Ultimatum: £25, split down the middle. I take no risks.

It hung.

Score: 19/20
Average Male: 15/20
Average Female: 13/20

“You have more of a male brain. On average, men outperform women in this task and those with more mathematical knowledge tend to score quite high as well. In past studies, 60 per cent of the people in this range were men.”

Spot the Difference
Score: 14%
Average Male: 39%
Average Female: 46%
I SUCK at this game :stuck_out_tongue:

“Left thumb on top: This suggests the right half of your brain is dominant. Some studies theorise that as a right brain dominant person, you may excel in visual, spatial and intuitive processes.”

I don’t believe this, anyone who knows me can tell you my left said is overused and my right one has cowebs.

Emotions and Systems
Score: 13/20
Average Male: 7.9/20
Average Female: 10.6/20

“Empathisers are better at accurately judging other people’s emotions and responding appropriately. If you scored 15 and above, you are very empathic and would be an ideal person to comfort people in a time of crisis. Women in general are better at empathising.”

Score: 15/20
Average Male: 12.5/20
Average Female: 8.0/20

“Systemisers prefer to investigate how systems work. A system can be a road map, flat pack furniture, or a mathematical equation – anything that follows a set of rules. A score of 15 and above suggests you’re good at analysing or building systems. Men in general are better at systemising.”

Score: 6/10
Average Male: 6.6/10
Average Female: 6.6/10 (The same?)

"If you scored 4 - 6: Your result suggests you have a balanced female-male brain and find it neither easy nor difficult to judge people’s emotions. "

Right Hand: 0.97
Left Hand: 0.93

Average Male: 0.982
Average Female: 0.991

“Men generally have a ring finger that is longer than their index finger, which gives them a lower ratio than women, whose ring and index fingers are usually of equal length.”


“Your choices suggest you prefer more feminine faces.”

3D Shapes
Score: 8/12
Average Male: 8.2/12
Average Female: 7.1/12

“In past studies, 50 per cent of the people who scored in this range were women and 50 per cent were men.”

Grey: 7
Happy: 7

Average Male: 11.4
Average Female: 12.4

“Most people in this range have a female-type brain.”

My Choice: £25 (50%)
Average Male: £25.80 (51.6%)
Average Female: £25.50 (51.0%)

“Sex differences are small in this task. Demanding less than 60% of the pot (ie £30) is more typically female. Demanding more than 65% of the pot (ie £32.50) is more typically male.”

I scored 50 on the male side, the perfect average.

It just shows that the machine thinks I’m most probably a man. So what, my mom’s was already sure of that even before I was born.

Surprisingly enough, these last few months I’m scoring higher in empathy tests.

I stayed on 50 in the male side in the spectrum.

I scored 17 on angles, 0% in difference (the test is screwed up, I swear), asnwered right thumb, 7 on empathising, 19 in systemising, 7 in eyes, have a ratio of 0.92 in fingers, like feminine faces better and scored 11 in the 3d test.

I got about 20 on the male side.

I think this test proves that people are very bad at understanding the thing where you request a certain amount of the money and the other person accepts or rejects.

Apparently people get to this question and don’t understand it because how can the averages possibly be so close to people taking half the pot??? You’d need to be an idiot to ask for less than half, and basically you can ask for more because they other person has no control over it and they gain from it too so the only way they’d reject the offer is if it was so insulting that they were willing to give up their small amount to spite you taking so much of it.

I got 25 for male.

The thing is though, how are you supposed to know how small of an amount the other person is willing to accept without being insulted? The safest bet is to just split it down the middle, that way you get the most money you can without risking the other person saying “HAY YOU GET MORE THAN ME NO FAIR SCREW YOU!!!11!” A person is VERY capable of being that much of an asshole that even a penny’s difference will turn them off to the deal.

If they refuse your offer though, they get all the money. I had to assume whoever I’m dealing with was at least a little reasonable, so I asked for less than half.

I thought it said if they refuse your offer, nobody gets any money.

Did they? If that’s true, I can understand why people would be confused; any money is better than no money, right?

“Okay, I’ll take 49 quid, 98 pence, take this tuppence and let’s get on with it.”

If the other person got all the money if they refused, then there’s no game at all. The other person would be an idiot to ever not refuse, and it wouldn’t matter at all how much you asked for. The way it is set up, as long as you leave some money for the other person, they get something by accepting the offer. Of course you could give them all the money and they could still refuse and not get anything, but that seems unlikely. Logically as long as you leave them something, they stand to gain more by accepting than refusing. An obvious reason for them to refuse is if they think it is worth it to give up the amount you gave them to see you get your just desserts for being so greedy.

I got 100% man.


This task tested your ability to identify the angle of a line by matching it with its twin. This is a spatial task, which looks at how you picture space.
Your score: 19 out of 20
Average score for men: 15.1 out of 20
Average score for women: 13.3 out of 20

I always rocked at geometry and angles and shit. Apparently being a guy is a plus for this kind of task.

Spot the difference

This task tested your ability to identify which objects changed position. You lost points, if you incorrectly identified objects.
Your score: 14%
Average score for men: 39%
Average score for women: 46%

I have a hard time finding my own keys, let alone spot shit moving around.


Right thumb on top: This suggests the left half of your brain is dominant. Many studies have tried to establish whether there is a relationship between handedness and brain dominance. Some scientists believe that if you are left brain dominant, you would be more verbal and analytical.

Emotions and Systems

This task looked at whether you prefer to empathise or systemise.

Your empathy score is: 4 out of 20
Average score for men: 7.9 out of 20
Average score for women: 10.6 out of 20


Your systemising score is: 16 out of 20
Average score for men: 12.5 out of 20
Average score for women: 8.0 out of 20

Speaks for itself.


This task tested your ability to judge people’s emotions.
Your score: 8 out of 10
Average score for men: 6.6 out of 10
Average score for women: 6.6 out of 10

I was surprised by this, my guesses were right on more than I expected.

I’ll skip measuring, cuz my measurements were vague and done with a tape.


This task looked at how you rate the attractiveness of a series of faces. The images you looked at were digitally altered to create slight differences in masculinity.

Your choices suggest you prefer more feminine faces.

Highly masculinised male faces possess more extreme testosterone markers such as a long, broad and lower jaw, as well as more pronounced brow ridges and cheekbones.


3D shapes

This task tested your ability to mentally rotate 3D shapes.

Your score: 11 out of 12
Average score for men: 8.2 out of 12
Average score for women: 7.1 out of 12

Tetrisphere, bitch. Flip it good.


This task looked at your verbal fluency.

Your score: you associated 5 word(s) with grey and you named 0 word(s) that mean happy. We are assuming that all the words you entered are correct.
Average score for men: 11.4 words total
Average score for women: 12.4 words total

Too tired at 3AM after workday to think of WORDS.


This task asked you how you would divide money.

If you had to split £50 with someone, you said you would demand £30

So far on the Sex ID test, men have demanded 51.6% (£25.80) of the pot and women have demanded 51.0% (£25.50), on average.

I’d say it’s fairly…me.

Yeah, that is correct.