Boy stabs ex-classmate's mom to death.

This stood out ( at least to me) when I was reading the Mainichi Daily News.

Let’s not start with the “YOUR MOM!” jokes.

W T F ?

"When questioned over the killing, the boy, who was a classmate of Sasaki’s 16-year-old son in junior high school, reportedly told police he had attacked Sasaki because her son wasn’t home.

“He wasn’t there so I killed his mother instead,” police quoted him as saying. He reportedly hinted to police that trouble had erupted between him and the former classmate when they were in junior high school. Police are investigating whether bullying played a part in the killing."

How can this add up in anyone’s mind? Hm the person i want to kill is not around guess I’ll kill the closest person. I know that rage can be placed on someone innocent, but it still is fucked up. Maybe the explanaton can’t be explained or it’s plain and simple?

Aww, but Starstorm they’re so funny the n-th time they are used and keep geting funnier.

The boy is a sociopath. He feels no remorse about this whatsoever.