Bowser is Dissapoint

Bowser is Dissapointed at Warp Whistle usage.

It’s a funny video, but it got me thinking, you DO miss so much when warping. The game can be pretty long if you don’t skip (Thank you Mario All-Star for Save Feature) and I still do hate World 7 a little. Yet the Mario Worlds in 3 were so diverse and fun too…

Way back when, I warped whistled all the time. Namely due to the fact that there was simply too much game for me to playthrough in just one go. Now I can clear every stage in the game in one playthrough.

SMW was so much more playable for me back when for featuring battery backed saves and one hell of an overworld map (even if there were only 9 worlds when you counted the two bonus ones). And I’ll admit that I’ve beaten SMW in 13 courses but afterwords I could just take my time skipping harder levels at first without having to worry about beating the game. And again, that world map compelled me to fill it out. Even New Super Mario Bros. Wii can’t seem to manage that (though it does get close at times like with World 6).

Yeah, ever since they started making versions of these games with save functions, I almost never use level-skip functions. Even when I play stuff like Super Mario World or New Super Mario Brothers, I always try to unlock all the paths and play all the levels.

Hah! That was funny. I personally never skipped any level… unless it was hideously beyond my skills. Or boringly repetitive. Thank goodness those have been few in the Mario games.

Speaking of funny Bowser videos…

(Yes, Bowser is in there. Just wait.)

Wil’s movie wins.