What do you do when you get really bored? Now I’m talking about really REALLY bored, as in, you have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do. :boring:
Me: I end up talking stupidities like " Why do they call oranges ‘oranges’? I mean , why not call grapes ‘purple’ or apples ‘red’? What makes oranges so special?" :thud: And then everyone looked at me like if I was on crack :hint: and burst out laughing…o god… :thud:

I rarely get bored because of all the WWII books I’ve bought, but when I do get bored I ride my bike.

When I’m bored, I ~find~ something to do :wink:

Usually gaming, movie, reading, art or writing, I guess.

When I’m bored I read a book or play a game.

I peek at my neighbours. Ha ha ha. Actually I end up doing something productive. Like my boyfriend. ha ha ha.

I never get so bored that I have nothing to do. I’ve always got a song to write, a place to go, a person to talk to, or a thing to do, (whether I wanna do it or not :P). So, yeah. I think life’s only boring if you make it so.

When I’m bored, I try something I’ve never tried before, whether it be listening to a soundtrack I’ve never heard, playing a game I’ve never played, reading something I’ve never read, or tasting a food I’ve never tasted.

I go here . Or I listen to music while drawing or writing.

I reply to stupid pointless posts in a sarcastic manner.

I usually just fall asleep.

I go read horrible pornfics. Not for that reason, i just love seeing the horrible, horrible writing that goes into them. Sorta like those people who watch bad sci-fi movies ala MST3K.

When I’m bored I simply go playing M:tG 4th edition against the computer.

Household chores, like the dishes. Any woman would be lucky to have me. Well, aside from my tiny cock. You know what? Forget that last part. I assure you I am a sufficiently well endowed woman hater. You know what? Fuck it.

I bash, I read, I study.

If I get really bored, I have fun trying to do differnt styles with my hair. :slight_smile:

I read topics like this.

Or alternatively, play a game that requires little thought.

I get into WC3 and play one of the many custom maps that are better than the actual game

I replay a game I really like.

i talk to myself…or i draw jokes on mspaint when they come to thought. i draw mouse-art better than hand drawn stuff

I play games or try to figure out how to play Magic against the computer.

MINESWEEPER! How could I forget that? Honestly.