So I think I’ll just post something completely worthless, just to be an asshole and take up space. But it’s ok, because everyone loves me for some reason, and the rules don’t apply to me. And even if they did, yeah, I could be banned, maybe permanently, or should that be “permanently,” because surely one of my legions of fans would lobby for my unbanning once I claim to have changed my ways (which I have changed–to an even bigger asshole than before!). And then I would call all the new people vicious names just because they haven’t learned the ropes yet, and pick on a few guys/girls just because everyone else does. Bandwagons ARE the cool thing to do ya know. And anyone who doesn’t agree with me, or doesn’t appreciate my FANTASTIC sense of humor, can burn in hell, after they’ve been crippled by my verbal wrath. Oh, and anyone who doesn’t cyber with me is a boring stupid whore. Make sure to tell all your friends. :ulty:

In a weird mood today, I see. hugs

What are you talking about? I’m like this every day. You sexy man-beast you.

Are you talking about me?

Fool, can’t you read? That was entirely in the first person, therefore it HAD to be about myself. Besides, I dont have time for petty villagers like yourself, I have bigger, better things ahead of me!

K, well, you go do that.

Hmmm yah. Finally been said. So nessy… got anything new for us, too? <.<;

Oh, and anyone who doesn’t cyber with me is a boring stupid whore.

Does that also count for me? You know where to find me ^.~

I will, biiiiiiiiiioooooooootchah!



Only if you don’t provide logs.


Wait a minute, I don’t like GIRLS. Those are REAL. Forget it, either get yourself on a piece of paper immediately or get out of my sight like RIGHT NOW!!!

gets a piece of paper So now what?

You know what to do with it. And get pics too.

Okay! :open_mouth:
…what about the super secret hidden origami- book for conspiracists?

thwaps GG with a tunafish and snickers

Can these logs and pictures be provided to the public? Or am i gonna have to beg DT for them?

Can you say angst? Sure, I knew you could :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and no, I wont be releasing my pics of DT to the public, go beg her if you want some custom ones of your own

Done and done. And I mean done.

Man, Nessa is totally bringing out the h8 guns to-day. This one wasn’t as funny as the last one though, heh. Still good for a soft chuckle / :confused: / sigh.

Nowadays, i really don’t have any idea what is going on most of the time here.