Booya! Summer time!

Well, not technically, but I just finished my last final, so I’m going home tomorrow. My internet connection will be slower, more limited, and my parents have the resolution set 800x600 (or whatever), which looks way too large when I’m used to 1024x768 on an 11" monitor, but I’ll finally be able to play MMORPGs again!
So when are y’all done for the summer?

I dunno, in a few weeks. I also have no clue what I’m doing for the summer either.

Congrats. My finals end tomorrow. However, when I go home, I have only about 10 days to relax/celebrate, because I’m going away for 14 weeks of Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training @ Ft. Benning, Georgia. Yay for me! God help me…

22 Days left, counting weekends and exams.

I think I have about 4 or so more weeks of school. I’m probably not doing anything for vacation though.

I have a exactly 4 weeks left since I skip the first two weeks of June. Nobody cares about those. Then I have 5 exams over a 4 day period and Im out. Yayness. I cant frigging wait.

June 14th marks the start of my finals… I get a week to breathe, and then it’s work and summer school. Yay. ;p

I don’t even know. Fucking college, get your act together.

I thought that you already were in the Guard? However, now you’re saying that you are going to boot camp. Which is it? Have you goen to boot cmap and become a soldier or are you a poolee waiting to go to boot camp? Either, boot camp is joke. It is annoying and stupid at times, but you leave with plenty of fond memories.

Well, congrats! Wish I was getting out for summer soon… hmm… I usually get out sometime in the middle of June, but I can never be too sure… 0_o my homeschooling schedule is messed up.

Oh yeah, my summer is in 2 weeks. I just have tomorrow, then a week of school, then finals.

Earn Cash, Buy RPGS!!!

Big Nutter
I think that should be a Motto of RPGC.

My last final was on April 22nd. I started working full time on Monday. I don’t really know what I’ll do this summer (except taking real vacation in an exotic destination just before going back to school in September :stuck_out_tongue: and a few other days off), but as long as there’s no school and heat, I’m fine with that. The weather has been ugly these past days. I want sun to get a tan, damnit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done something called Pre-Basic Training, and am training with the First Soldiers Batallion in Mass. I don’t have the job specific training yet…that’s all. Wonderful job training by the way, selecting Infantryman and all, in the hot GA sun. I enlisted back last summer, but had no time to do the job training, so I had to wait thru this whole ten months to go…

So you’re not really a soldier yet.

Well,only 1 week and a half of school for me and it’s bye bye high school.In summer i plan to get a small part time job to buy more games and some DVDs.

I have 22 days left not including weekends. Over the summer I plan on doing nothing. Probably just gonna sit around in my own filth until someone kicks me out of the house for not moving in a week.

Nono, it’s “Earn money and donate to RPGC!”

33 days of school left.

Fucking teacher strike. >:0

I’ve got about 9 more half-days of school (since I’m on a reduced schedule, I only have to go every other day and then for only half the day, woo!), until the end of the month. I graduate on June 2, and I should have a job by then. Assuming I do, I will probably be working for most of the summer, and then moving to California in maybe July, probably August. If for some God-forsaken reason I can’t get a job here, I’ll probably try to find a way to move early and get a job down there, since I won’t be doing anything here.