boom blox

Anyone tried it?

Come on, I can’t be the only person that is playing this.

I’ve never even heard of it until now. o_O

Its a game made by EA and Steven Spielberg. It is GENIUS.

Steven Spielburg?! Wha?

The game does look fun, though. I’ll let my girlfriend know about it (she’s the one with the Wii), and maybe we’ll pick it up some day.

I’ll quote Tycho:

"Boom Blox came up quickly. I suggest that it plays well for a tech demo, which I meant as a joke, but it is ridiculous how much entertainment there is to be had - even in two-thousand and eight - by plucking and blasting these Goddamned rectangles. It seriously looks like something that you would install with your 3dfx card to verify proper installation. Without the remote, that’s probably where it would stop.

It broke us of Grand Theft Auto, for Christ’s sake. What is the differential on developments costs, there - a hundred to one? And yet there we were - Gabe, Scott, and myself - staring at a heap of bricks. Robert, who can probably calculate the game’s physics entirely in his head, couldn’t stay away even though he likes us to think he is immune to joy. He probably wasn’t aware that his mouth hung open the entire time he was playing, the working of his mind visible beneath his temples. It’s the antithesis of Liberty City, and it’s startling that both of these things can exist in the same dimension. "

That’s a pretty accurate description. The game simply makes me feel happy when I’m playing it. Its weird. Its insanely fun. Playing this game makes me feel like I am orgasming continuously. It is CUTE DEATH.

Too much gaming stuff on my plate currently, will probably grab it once it inevitably hits the discount bin.

After seeing a demo of the custom stage builder I have learned two things from it. First I want this game very much, and second so that I could build a stage that could turn into one of those spectacular music vids like that SMW hack I linked to about a week ago.

Just watched a trailer. Dammit, looks like I’m losing money tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I saw this at EB and it looked fantastic. I’ll totally pick it up, don’t worry Sin- you are not alone.


Hm, may check it out.

Who else tried it? Come on people. This game is GENIUS.