Book report: What to read?

Yeah. I have this book report that I wasn’t planning to do for English class, but my teacher informed me that I’m going to get an Incomplete if I don’t. Instead of a perfectly good C. Hmph.

Anyway, I have until the end of next week to get it done. And in the oh, month and a half since this was assigned, I haven’t been able to find a book that I can stand reading for more than 5 minutes before I decide that I’d rather watch paint dry. Maybe I’m all of a sudden going ADD, buuuuuut that’s not going to be viewed as a good excuse for not having it.

The criteria for the book isn’t specific; just a novel, at the high-school/college reading level. Something I can finish in a week or less without making my brains explode would be a big help. (Meaning, not too long of a story.) Apparently, plays are ok too, if anyone knows any good ones.

I’m not too picky about genre, altho I’m generally turned off by cheesy teen romance, and uber-nerdy sci-fi. I prefer my stories to be somewhat fast-paced, or at least have enough going on so that I don’t spend 45 minutes reading a description of like, a sock or something.

So… anything anyone can recommend? I could reeallly use some help here. x.x

I don’t know what it takes for a book to be high school/college level.

Anyway, if you need something short, I’d say you could pick a classic like Animal Farm, by George Orwell. Or Treasure Island.

Enders Game by Orson Scott Card will probably make your head explode, but is an awesome book. Its probably about three hundred pages.

Animal Farm by George Orwell is pretty short, i think like 97 pages, but sometimes you have to read that for school. Also 1984… but that would almost definitely make your head exlpode :smiley:

Dean Koontz is a pretty good author… i just finished “Fear Nothing” by him, which i read out of order… well… audio-booked out of order :smiley: Haz and i listened to “seize the night” first… maybe a bit of a head exploder, but fear nothing may be a good choice. it’s probably 200 pages.

All of these are sci-fi… but nothing ultra nerdy. More like novel-style-fiction-alittlescience.

One time, for a book report i did “the beginning place” by ursula leguin, and like… midway through the book, the main characters start sleeping together. and it’s an oral report. Long story short, I got a D.

Good luck!


How about Harry Potter? One can’t claim that only kids read that one. Otherwise, the Discworld novels are great.

All available in text and in some cases, HTML versions.

Originally posted by Ren

Anyway, if you need something short, I’d say you could pick a classic like Animal Farm, by George Orwell. [/b]

Hehe we just finished doing book reports and one guy attempted to read this and he could not get into it. Apparently it’s so loaded with satire that it’s unintelligable to read unless you’re looking for those hidden meanings.

I second Ender’s Game, it’s truly A-W-E-S-O-M-E. :smiley:

Lord of the flies is a good book. its pretty short, and interesting. And while we’re talking about harry potter, add the hobbit to your list. it r the best. I must add animal farm on my list of books to read. I always thought the wheel of time books were good too. longer, but I read through the first one, “eye of the world” in a day or two even though it was around 700 or more pages zI think. but that’s a reading freak like me.

As people have already said, Animal Farm and 1984 are good books to read. Neither of them are very long, and their packed with hidden depths that give you something to write about in a report.

The Catcher in the Rye is also a good book that can easily be read in a week.

George Orwell’s Nineteen Eigthy-Four.

Try something Discworld, the gaurds series are the best… try these (preferably in this order) ‘Gaurds! Guards!’, ‘Men at Arms’, ‘Feet of Clay’, ‘Jingo’, ‘Night Watch’, ‘The Fifth Elephant’… and so on… but you’d have to read one quick.

I think anybody who wants to get into Discworld should read The Colour of Magic first. But then again, I haven’t read enough of the series yet to be the best one to introduce it to people.

As for Animal Farm, I have it in A4 size. 46 pages only.

I’d also highly recommend 1984. I know a bunch of people also like Brave New World, but I didn’t particularly care for it. I’d also recommend The Hobbit, Harry Potter, or if the play is acceptable, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead. Not too long, and amusing in places.

Ooh… 1984 is probably good, and is on the Cannon… BOOM You could try The Stranger, as it is also on the Cannon. Deals with existentialism… I’d reccomend Jane Eyre as I liked it so much, yet I never finished it, but it’s quite long. Long liek 400-ish pages long. Try 1984 like Nulani suggested…

Animal Farm is ridiculously short but is a good read.

Ender’s Game is a very good book, IMO. I’d say Animal Farm if you don’t want to read, or Ender’s Game for something more absorbing.

The last one I did was on Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

Try The Shining, I’m not normally a big horror fan but I loved this one when I read it.

If it’s released over there read Waywalkers. It kicks ass. Lots of (non-evil) Lucifer action, with cool twists on every major deity in existence. (Well not every but a damn good few).

When I think about it, I strongly suggest The Stranger especially if you start to critically analyze it. But, I don’t know how well you could (as I am not that great at it). It’s by an existentialist author, though. Not that that would matter… pun…

(OH! Just to add in, you could probably read this book in a sitting of two to three hours… though I don’t think that would cover the analyzing…)

The Hot Zone - Richard Preston