Who is the Boogieman? What’s his story? I’ve only heard little things about him. It sparks my curoisty.

Recently, a movie by the producers of The Grudge, which I heard was a bad movie.

That makes finding out about the folk tales and such about him harder, because of the fact if you stick it in a search engine, more than likely your going to get reviews about the movie being bad.

Heh, it’s also a book by perhaps my favorite author, Stephen King. From what I remember, due in part to an old Disney Channel movie, it’s an evil being that you usually hear about under the beds of little kids, which I saw on an advertisment to be true in the movie at least. It’s just a common term for the obligatory monster that kids are afraid of in the dark.

Psh, I don’t know about ya’ll, but if it was up to my Dad, I sure wouldn’t talk about no Boogeyman when I was younger. Speaking of that, any of ya’ll seen Major Payne? The boogeyman is in that movie too…

Er…sorry, went a bit off topic there.

Yeah, I saw the movie today. PRetty good I must say for a pg-13 horror flim. NOt the greatest or the best but it was pretty good. It just reminded me so much ofd the Candy Man for some reason…

In addition, The whole concept of MONSTERS INC. was based on the Boogeyman (thought it was a pretty original, fun, and even moving take!) :slight_smile:

The PowerPuff Girls also battled the Boogyman, thought THAT one also “boogied” as in the dance style! WHOO! :hahaha;

Well, the Stephen King story was a short story, not a full book. If you’re interested in finding it again, it’s in the book “Night Shift.”

The movie looks really scary. Don’t ask me why, but things about the boogeyman scare me more than any other horror of the type, even though it’s quite childish.

Thank you Wil. ^^

Thanks for the book title. I’ll look for it in my local liberary.