Im not dead :slight_smile:

Just felt like checking in on the boards and stuff, prolly just gonna fade away again in a bit, but its always good to give people a little “Im not dead” every once in a while :slight_smile:

hey, hows mudcap? anyone remember him?

You know…just a few days ago, I was wondering where the hell you went. Good to know you’re not dead. :slight_smile:


Damn, my plot to kill you failed. fires that damn assassin

GG Crono that is quite possibly the most incredible avatar I have ever seen 0_0 I bow down before the power of cheese!

Mudcap is ok, though I havent been able to talk to him due to technical issues with email (and being too stubborn to get a temporary hotmail or something)

Ive been jumping from community to community recently online, everythings kinda boring so I have gotten about half of a real life to make up for the gap :slight_smile:

btw, your assassin wasnt much of a challenge, Discount Assassin Central isnt the best provider

anyway, I told him that I wasnt Deedly and the guy he wanted was 18 miles down and 3 miles east, havent seen him since but I heard that he bought some heavy digging equipment and charged it to the guy who hired him as a bussiness expense

Do you read It’s Walky!, Deedly? That’s where my avatar is from. (

Ackbars Discount Assassins!

I semi-remember you…

Hey Deedz, when are we gonna hang out in Yuma? :stuck_out_tongue: You know I only live like 60 miles away right? :stuck_out_tongue: We could like, hit the Inca Lanes, and Hastings.

DEEDLY!!! Hai. :smiley:

Deedly!!! Your back! ^.^

Hey guys, he’s back!

YAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!1111111111elevenses [GLOMP]

Always nice to see a former RPGCer stop by. waves :wave:

heh, its good just to get a look at the sigs and avatars around here

this has to be the most creative forum on the internet stares at Cala’s and laughs like mad

anyway, Im gonna fade away again, so until next time I get bored (which wont be that long), bye

Welcome back even though I have absolutely no idea who you are…

Aww, I missed Deedly! I’m sad now1 ;_;

Welcommu Backu!

ITS VAL :slight_smile: