Boo O-o;

Well cough first of all mizza has to ask to the account “Mao” or whatever it was be deleted Dx;; please and second HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI people =D i am back to haunt everybody pokes Manus Dei and this time to have fun :slight_smile: so ja ne !

I smell japan.

smells the air i smell meat O-o; but yeah i am an anime freak so it’s normal to find me with japanese words xD;

These posts leave me confused and disorientated. Wecome back, I guess. Don’t do anything stupid, and we’ll get along just fine. :3

  1. Who the hell are you?
  2. Don’t do anything stupid :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. I am Manus Dei’s sister
  2. I won’t do anything that you guys wouldn’t

What ? this is my presentation, i changed my e-mail account and i forgot stupidly the account i had here ( i don’t remember anything just a word from my username really)

A little lesson for those blissfully unaware: This is what happens when fans use whatever knowledge they have of Japanese in their dialogue. Usually, said knowledge amounts to five or six words like “kawai”, “hai”, etc. The result is cute for like five minutes and then turns unbearable.

I remember you. Welcome back :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve NEVER found it cute >_>

Ah, you’re Manus’ sister. Well, hi and all that stuff.

At least you’re not full of hatred for the human race like manus :maho:

Also, Star Ocean rocks. Thumbs up on your good taste and all that.

Thank u nii chan (big brother) Sera chu :slight_smile: ! i remember and missed u x3

And japanese words are cute indeed and i tend to abuse them a lot, so yeah thanks for the unexpected welcome =3


Indeed Cless i am not anti anything except for perverts so yeah xD; i am waaaaay diferent then my brother

I thank u for the comment i am glad that someone likes Star Ocean too -

Haiii! Welcome to the boards! Don’t feed the mods! :slight_smile:

: Mr. Waving Smilie is disturbed.

Hi, Manus.

i am not Manus ^^; … i am Manus’ sister

Manus could never act this happy Ren. XD

Indeed Cless i am not anti anything except for perverts so yeah

That made me giggle. Anyway, welcome back. I don’t remember seeing you around, but I have heard about you for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

What does hai mean?

Hai (はい) means “yes”.

It’s [edit]also[/edit] “hi” in japanesed English.

Sup. Ever heard of a cleveland steamer, baby?