Bomberman Generations (GC)

Yeah… I suck so bad at this game, but I’m stuck on the first place ev0r. :stuck_out_tongue:

When you get to the big boulder in the river (after the mini-game), how do you move it?

I’d assume you’d blow it up with a huge ass bomb, but I’ve never played the game, so I wouldn’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve already tried that. Don’t work.

Wow, a Bomberman game with something you can’t solve by blowing it up? That sucks, blowing up stuff to solve my problems was what I loved about Bomberman.

I know you hafta blow it up, 'cause when you put a bomb there, it rocks, but it won’t move.

if it rocks then you should use a bigger bomb or just use as many bombs as you have on it

Okay, this is just a totally random guess since I never played that particular Bomberman game either, but… it would make sense that if one bomb doesn’t solve the problem, to use a lot of them. Tried laying a few bombs in a row, making them all go off at the same time when one explodes? If you can place multiple bombs at that point already, anyway.

That or there’s a switch thing somewhere you have to bomb.

Can you charge bombs like in Bomberman 64 or is there an item that makes them more powerful?

I got Bomberman Generation
I’m pretty sure you need to pump a bomb to make it move. Try bombing trees too :stuck_out_tongue:

And sometimes you’ll need some special charabon equipped.

But the rock… is just to block the water.

Been too long I played, so I don’t quite remember…