I know this thread is gonna get closed, but I really don’t give a shit.

First of all, I know I’m an ass sometimes, & I get annoying. But that doesn’t give you a reason to start a flamewar everytime I choose to do something legit, & on top of that close said thread.

The problem with half of you is that you flame me becuause most people flame me. The other half has SEMI to VERY good reasons to hate me. You otherguys just are drones. I have done nothing but just get slightly on your nerves, and you join in the war. Sure, I make inappropriate jokes & such, but you know what? I haven’t said any besides the Micheal Jackson thing, and that was obvious to say. So I want you people…RIGHT NOW to back the fuck off me.

I promise I’ll be fucking nicer if you people will just BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!

Ok, had to let that out.

Kinda hard for me to not be a tad annoyed by you when you start making idiotic comments about the end of the world over some guy commiting suicide. And the shit about raping 16 year old boys, was just a little sick.

And besides, you cant make people stop, only the Mods and Admins can, and people here are responsible and intelligent enough to know that if it gets to that level, to stop, therefore it serves no purpose for you to say “I want you to stop being nasty because it hurts me inside ;_;” That would only urge people to continue, instead go tell a mod, PM them, that is what PM’s are for.

Free Po… I’ll just shut up.

And I don’t think you are annoying.

Did I just not say that I don’t do those kind of jokes anymore?

I know NB, but half the people here don’t even know me and still flame me, this has to stop.

That is irrelevant, the fact is you did it in the first place.

Sorry, Uriel, but if you don’t want people to mindlessly flame you, you have to change your attitude too. This isn’t a problem only on their end. Most of your posts (more than half) contain mindless comments that are either discriminating, unfounded, or just plain silly. I scanned through some of your posts and in the last few days you posted maybe 4, 5 posts with useful information actually pertaining to the thread. Comments like “This just proves it, we’re all going to die soon.” “Well, SOMETHING is coming soon…maybe Ragnarok if we’re lucky.” “DT, you have a LOT of timeof your hands.” “No, youcannot! MY PET NINJAS!” honestly don’t help anybody. So stop posting those kinds of posts, and think a little next time you make a reply, hm? If you just want to say “cool”, “lololol robot joke” or “omg wtf” do it sparingly. You seem to do it multiple times a day. The problem isn’t being nice or not. It’s a natural reaction to be hostile towards a person who posts in an otherwise serious discussion thread for the sole purpose of filling up space with annoying, old, unfunny jokes or silly comments.

Edit: Orian is trying to say the same thing, except with more “fuck” in it :smiley:

Edit 2: Ah yes. You’ve “changed”. Changed in what way? You still post spam, and you still post discriminating comments. You’ve demonstrated in your “I’m back” thread quite nicely that you’ve not changed one bit. You <i>can</i> still fix this by just not posting unless you seriously have something constructive to say.

Maybe if you weren’t such a snivelling, loud mouthed, loathsome prick we wouldn’t treat you like shit. You barge into the chat telling people YOU SUCK for no fucking reason and you expect people to be nice to you? No fucking way. You insult my shrine and continue to tell me to screw off, yeah likes thats going to happen. Sooooo either fuck off and die, fuck off and leave or just shut the fuck up.

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Originally posted by Cless Alvein
Most of your posts (more than half) contain mindless comments that are either discriminating, unfounded, or just plain silly.

Spam :stuck_out_tongue:

How can someone change in the matter of a couple days and demand respect in such a short time? I’ve been miffed at a few of your comments, but not enough to start a battle everytime. I feel that yes, you should change your attitude, and of course we don’t know you, you’re a presence within a message board, it’s quite difficult to get a feel for your inner personality and sympathize with you.

EDIT: Though I’m saying this as a person on the sidelines, I don’t have a personal bone to pick with you like a lot of others.

Well, basically I just hate you because you’re an idiot. No more, no less.

I don’t like you because you, to me, seem to be extremely immature (yeah, I know that’s pretty ironic, but even I’m not as immature as him.)

Basically, that sums up my feelings for you :smiley:

(my scanner sucks >_>)

Originally posted by Shinobi

Basically, that sums up my feelings for you :smiley:

(my scanner sucks >_>) [/b]

The funniness of that statement is when he first came back to th chat he was like “OMG!!! MA KIRBYS ROOL! YOUSE CANTS DRAW DEM BETTERS DEN ME!” Anyone can draw a Kirby. He’s a circle with a face and appendages. NOT A CHALLENGE

I don’t hate you, but I don’t particularly like you, either. All I’ve seen of you so far is some little attention whore who wil post some utterly inane thing just so people will notice you. Maybe this isn’t what you are, but that sure as hell is what I’m getting from you.

You just annoy the fucking hell out of everything you touch. Even your computer has got to be annoyed - I know mine would. Anyway, be less of a douche and more of a respectable, intelligent person who doesn’t waste our time with sig challenges or some such nonsense, and doesn’t rave about his arguably nonexistant artistic talent.

But I agree, a lot of people here are drones.

Originally posted by Shinobi
Well, basically I just hate you because you’re an idiot. No more, no less.

I’m with Eva and Val on this one. I don’t really know you but the impression you give isn’t good. Try to stop doing one of three sentences that involve threats, cursing or whining. It really sends your image down the toilet you know.

Im a n00b here, so i dont know what happened that set everyone against you uriel, but i dont think you are annoying. I think people give you a hard time for no reason.

BUT (before you flame me too -_-;:wink: something must have happened that set everyone against you, and people will have a hard time getting over that. As much as you would want it to stop right away, its not going to. It will take you time to earn peoples respect back.

You reap what you sow.