Bob Hope died

Wasn’t unexpected. Talk amongst yourselves.


yeah, I just heard about that… sad too, but he lived a long life.

for those who haven’t followed the story yet.

He was one of the better comedians of the 20th century… It’s a shame to see him go :frowning: May God bless him, for all the people he brightened with his jokes.

Wow, thats interesting. Not too long ago people were toasting his 100 year life - odd that he dies not long after that.

Same thing happened to George Burns I believe… one minute he’s 100, next he’s gone.

I just heard it on the news too. Sad…he will definitely be missed

It’s a shame to say, but it wasn’t unexpected. Truth be told, he’s <A HREF=“”>looked kinda dead for a few years now</A>. It was my assumption that he was perhaps a zombie, but I’m rather glad that that assumption was proven wrong, or I would have had to brutally slaughter him.

Thats very sad. I never got to see him perform either. ;_;

Originally posted by BahamutXero
I just heard it on the news too. Sad…he will definitely be missed

Yeah. Still, he did have a long life.

he was a hundred years old,and very ill i think he kinda wanted to go at the end.i mean wouldn’t you at that age?

Damn. Another legend of old gone. He’ll be missed.

My grampa saw one of his shows once. he will be so sad to hear this. ;_;




its sad to see him go, my grandma had a recording of one of his radio shows, its still funny,after all these years.

in cleveland we have all these goddam streets and stuff named after him, and its really annoying… because the dude sorta has way too many streets named after him…

He has a Performing Arts center here in Dallas. It’s cause he donated a lot of money to charities and stuff.

Who’s Bob Hope?

Bob Hope is one of the greatest comiedians of the 20th century. Is a shame, it really is.

my dad saw him perform…I really don’t know who he is