BMPs are freakin huge!

So why does the fanart section accept submissions in this format? I know I’m not the most frequent visitor to the fanart section (or to the Media forum), but this is something that recently came to my attention. I think this is something that needs to be changed.

What’s more, BMPs can be easily changed to JPEGs with very minimal quality loss, even in Microsoft Paint. If you have Photoshop or something, then there is absolutely no colour loss or quality change unless you make it do so.

Yes, please rid the site of BMPs. Think of people on slow connections (like me) who don’t want to take forever just to look at a single picture. As Cless said, they’re easily converted without quality loss.

(Could somebody like…sticky this or something until Fae has a chance to actually READ this thread?)

Stickies ALLLL over the first page! Whoo! Okay, okay… ^^;;

Make it easier on 56k’ers, and use attachments.

Seen this, Fae? I need to take down some stickies methinks :stuck_out_tongue:

You think you can get rid of this topic that easily? Fortunately, I am trained in the dark arts of GameFAQsism. I never thought I’d have to use one of these vile techniques, especially in a place like this…but desperate times call for desperate measures…


LOl. YOu are very talented Hiyruu. But you cannot match my GFAQs skillz.

On topic: Yeah, BMPs= too big. We need to be rid of them.

Damn you Hiryuu and your evil overlord schemes! But we will defeat you, I swear that on my grave!!
… I guess we have a problem then.