BMO dedication thread

…And it isnt even his birthday!* I would just like to give a shout out to Bluemageone, who, though not as pronounced as the likes of Sinstral, Hades, or Pierson, is still freakin halarious. My hat is off to you.

I didnt actually check if its his birthday. If it is then im a freakin moron.

Happy birthday, I don’t care if it i or not because this is a free post.

Its not my birthday, but this did make my day

Heil Blue Mage One.

<img src=“”>

Dude, what the fuck is up with your obsession over Nazis?

He’s a Communist/Socialist? And I’m gonna guess Japanese as well. KP’s cool.

Hey BMO. Good man.

Hades is just jealous that people pay attention to someone other than him.

There is a fucking Swastika in the background! This isn’t even like his little parade pictures or pictures of the Japanese military in WW2. These are fucking Nazis!

What about them? Its Kamikaze pilot, he likes WW2 stuff, and he is awesome for it

I’ve got no problem with WW2 stuff, but they are fucking NAZIS!

You’re the Nazi! Freedom of speech man. waits for the crushing might of Lord Sinistral to appear

I must be the only who thinks that it is wrong to kill millions of people and start a war that kills even more people.

I just think he’s crazy.

Are BMO, Ionmage and American Pyscho guys all friends? I think the first two are. I think of them as primary colours. BMO as…blue, American guy as red and Ionmage as yellow. Don’t ask me why, I’ve always associated these people with certain colours just to remember who was who because they seemed to start posting around the same time.

ha ha ha. I like BMO the best. lav.

He sounds a lot like Bush.

To answer your question, yes BMO is my friend from HS. That’s why I insult him so much.

I knew it I knew it! I have a knack for these things!

I believe most people on the board aren’t quick enough to pick up on the sublties such as the fact I make fun of him fo rnot having a girlfriend. Yes I’m trolling sorry.

yes, girlfriend, and among other things