Blue pill or red pill?,10117,12780383-13762,00.html

Oh, and if I remember well, The Matrix Online, the MMORPG, is about to be released (or has already been). I’m so playing this one!

Isn’t it out already?

THey said it was only based on theory. Unless you’re referring to the game; then yes, it’s probably out already.

The Matrix Online MMORPG has been out for months (I think it came out in April).

As for the article…interesting.

Somewhat old. They are actually going forward with this, huh…

They also replaced some of a guy’s nerves with wires in Japan. No word yet on how it’s working, since it isn’t healed. Although, I’m getting pretty scared that Shadowrun’s gonna come true.

Dude. Sweet.

… Dang, I guess setting “Reality Check” (a graphic novel involving a VR internet with non-invasive helmets you can just put on your head) in 2015 wasn’t all that far-fetched after all …

The Matrix online SUCKS ASS. Beta tested it, and watched and laughed when the rights to the game got sold after launch. Dont bother with it. You’d probably enjoy stabbing yourself in the eye with a fork more than that game.

It sucked.



Oh yeah, almost forgot to take my pill today thanks for reminding. And the link is dead for me.

Not as scary as Cyberpunk coming true. That doesn’t even have magic or orcs/elves/dwarves/trolls. Also, it’s even more brutal. Yeah.

Yeah, but we’re sixty years ahead of the game for just Neuromancer type shit. I can forsee elves and stuff.

This is so. very.far.away.

Oh, fine. Go ahead and RUIN our fun why doncha. :stuck_out_tongue:

The scary thing, for me anyway, is that Sony is patenting this idea. I guess I should be glad it’s not Microsoft, but still…

Matrix Online… A friend told me they had to cut out like 50% of the game’s content after it didn’t sell at all.