Blue Gender's Ending

A couple nights ago, I saw the enging to the anime known as Blue Gender. It kinda left me hanging, and it was sad (The parts I undrstand.)

Let’s see. Yuji and Marlene fight this no-core Blue, and bareloy win the battle. Yuji tells Marlene to go with the villagers while he finds the answers that he needs. When he goes there, nothing is explained.

That is my input if the ending. Anyone else want to add to this?

Here’s my interpretation of the end:
That creature seemed like the final evolution of Blue. The final test of humanity, its last chance. Yuji defeating it gave humanity a second chance.
In space, Second Earth ran out of resources, like the woman who escaped in Episode 24 said, plus a little Cabin Fever caused that all out war. It looked like everyone was starving and went insane, so they tried to rebel so they could escape to Earth, and ended up blowing apart the station in the end.
Did anyone catch what was said at the very end when it was just the planet on the screen? I couldn’t understand it.

I didn’t remember what was said. Most of the end of that episode was that one song with diffent camera angles.

I thought the ending was so confusing. It just ended, which kinda made me mad. I’m not really sure what happened. I think that everyone just went crazy and killed each other and Marlene and Yuji are living happily on earth. -_-’