Blu-Ray digging itself an early grave?

While wikipedia can be a rather iffy source for information, this little gem regarding their copy protection may pique your interest.

So, uh, I would have to pay again for my movies to run? No thanks, I’ll stick with DVD.

Why would they bother changing player keys when its now possible to extract them out of applications anyway? Its not like it protects anything.

This has to be fake, nobody could make such an out-and-out diabolical marketing decision. Anti-Sony fanboy playing with people there methinks. The fact no pages link to it also kinda hurt its credibility. No offence meant, Mabat- I’m just a naturally cynical bastard. :slight_smile:

It has to be alive before it can die, you know.

Wise Fwom Your Gwave!

>>; Sorry, I just had to say that.

But yeah, if that’s factual…Blu-Ray’s gonna sink faster than lead balloon tied to a yacht in the Bermuda Triangle.

I like DVDs.

DVDs rocks. Then again everyone said the same of VHS for a while.

I think this is a fake, unless the Blu Ray people are tired of making money

After the whole rootkit fiasco I lost all respect for Sony, they have yet to get any of it back either.

Anyway, as for Blu-Ray, it’s outselling HD-DVD from what I understand, though I’m going to hold off on getting a HD-capable DVD player until one format or the other is clearly dominant, or players that can play both become cheaper.

I agree with Nebagram; this has got to be a joke.

These entire new format wars are stupid. Absolutely nobody except the earliest of early adopters gives a shit. And those that do are just waiting for a HD/Blu-Ray combo player anyway.

Like others have said, this is likely fake. The creator probably heard of Vista’s security check requiring it to be ‘reactivated’ every 30 days to ensure against pirated versions.

No, this is an actual BLU-RAY feature. It’s been known about for a while, didn’t think anyone would actually use it.