Blood and Whiskey

Note: this is AnonymousAustralian speaking. The reason to why I’m using Locues account, is that I’m too lazy to register one for my own, and besides, Locue won’t use it anyway so… Don’t mistake me for the fella who used the popular name of Locue to harass people. That’d hurt.

Right… Well, despite of us sometimes acting like grumpy (grumpier) old men (but at the age of something fatally younger than that), keeping us to ourselves, we now finally pledge ourselves into the RPGC forum. Directly to the point: we are the authors of the “very strange” FFVII-fanfic Blood and Whiskey, and if you’ve read the story so far, we’d like to hear from you any criticism you may have to give.

Feel free to avoid any of the following phrases: > “UH! Blood and Whiskey sucks *** and it’s the most worthless piece of **** I’ve ever read.” > “Blood and what? What’s that?” > “Nice story, lads. But what’s all the fuzz about really?” > “Locue, do you have a girlfriend?” Apart from the fourth phrase, we have encountered and verbally slaughtered them all, believe it or not.

Your criticism won’t affect our ongoing storyline, if you’d care, but it would be nice to hear what other people think of our work. And now, we really have to get back to Vincents grumpy mutterings, Cids eternal swearing and Markus mysterious nature.

Sincerely or not: AnonymousAustralian, with Locue being totally out-of-town doing his usual strange research for Blood and Whiskey.