I was talking with GG on AIM about a blog I have to write for my “Survey of Information Science and Services” class. The proffesor is a stereotypical “geek” in that he admidately “hates people”. However, he’s totally pro-blog. He thinks they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. I, however, am quite skeptical about the popularity of blogging. I asked about him in class and he said that 1 in 5 Americans blog.

I find that extremely hard to believe because I don’t know anyone outside that class that actually does it. Now, I know a message board like this comes dangerously close to blogging as somebody posts a topic and others comment on it, but are they really the same thing?

Personally, I don’t see the point to them, probably because I don’t like doing journals. However, I am being forced to do it because the damn thing is half my grade for the class. Anyway, if anyone is interested in looking at it, check it out. It has to be strictly academic, so please don’t spam on it. I have to make my next post on what it means to be a “prosumer”. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Ugh, blogs… Frankly, I don’tbother with them. Mostly because Julia has a livejournal account already, and it seems redundant to me to have one with her, since whatever she puts in hers is the same as what I’d say.

And I really don;t think they’re the same thing. Message Boards seem a bit more… well, narrowed in topics, I guess. I dunno.

I think they’re useful when you want to make a music blog or something, otherwise they are usually some outlet for angry teenagers.

I could buy the “1 in 5 people” thing. I don’t believe it, since, you know, 67.83% of all statistics are made up, but it’s a believable number. Livejournal is blog, no? Of course, popularity does not imply quality. Some are good, some are bad. The concept isn’t bad. A journal, anonymous if desired, open to feedback, also anonymous if desired. Of course, the trick is to implement it without drawing the attention of the stupid.

By the way, what does “prosumer” mean?

The word “prosumer” is a mixture of “producer” and “consumer”. It basically refers to how more people are becoming “do it yourselfers” or have all their products customized in some way so they are actually involved in the production process.

I keep a private online journal, but thats about it. I like it better not showing anyone

What’s the point of having it online then?

a. It will always be there, in case I want to show people eventually.

b. I hate handwriting

I am the only one that can read mine.

Beleve or not the first line Says “To Miss Weiila” It was anpology that I decided not to use …

blogging is okay… no one really comments though.

Bah. It’s quite possible that that many has a blog, but it is entierly unlikely that that many actually blogs. They’re not at all the same.

'Everyone has a blog, but hardly anyone actually blogs.

Does the last line say ‘Big Tits’ or is just me?

It’s just not you. I posted my thing being a prosumer, if anyone’s interested.

Nope “Big Nutte”… I over ran.

As I said It is so hard to read…

Yikes, I never thought I’d say this but, Nutter I’ve seen doctors that write better than that.

What do you mean, people love hearing about my life and how I hate my parents! I say witty and original things about parents being bad and not accepting me!

EDIT: Nutter, fuck you, there is no way the first letter of that in an ‘n’

Meh, people are fine so long as they keep their distance.

What about LJs causes them not to be blogs? All blogs are autobiographical to some extent, so we can’t say that it’s beause they’re about their authors. Even people who blog on one subject are usually committed to that subject as a carreer or hobby.

20% of America blogging, though? I’m not sure. I’d welcome it though. As Theodore Sturgeon said, “90% of everything is crap.” The more gets produced, the farther you can stretch that 10%.