Blocking a site...

Ok, I’ve run Adaware, Spybot, and scanned for viruses with AVG, but I still keep getting this annoying fucking pop up for WinFixer2005. Now, if it was just a pop-up, I could handle it, but this fucker hijacks the goddamn browser. And not just once, but TWICE. --’ Hell, I even ran hijackthis and that didn’t help. So, is there someway with either IE or Mozilla to block this fucking site altogether? Seriously, I can’t even check the forums any more without the fucking thing jacking my shit every few minutes. --;

Little gray MSMSGs popup?

MSMSGs popup?

Try running an AV. Sometimes those will pick up things that anti-spyware programs can’t.

Maybe Hijack This! can get it?

Didn’t work. :frowning: