Blizzard has digital downloads now

You can register your old cd keys and just download your games for free. No more cds, END OF AN ERA.

Is it bad that I’ve memorized my SC cd key by heart? :open_mouth:

Yes, yes it is.

About fucking time. Woo! I can download SC for my mac now :D.

Awesomesauce. Having to put CDs in and out was always such a pain.

GAH! I forgot! I only have my CDs with me, I left the cases back home! T_T

Woohoo! Now I just need to find all my CDs again!

SC won’t boot up :(. Fuck, its a bug with the new Macs. Apple fucked something up and Blizz doesn’t know how to fix it. Been around for 2 months.

D2 isn’t available yet (pending what amounts to an official no cd crack for the next version) and they don’t have a digital only release of war3 yet (the 3 people on the planet that don’t already have starcraft can get it for $15 over this, but you have to buy the box for the other games), so it looks like it’s not too terribly useful yet.

Hmm… I have a version of Starcraft + Brood War where there’s only a 13-digit code and it wants a 26-digit one :frowning:

Oh well, D2+LoD and WC3+FT conveniently available.

Good news.

Nothing new?

I didn’t buy WoW:TBC I just DLed it from them and paid some invisible credit card money for an invisible item. It was great :smiley:

But I agree, more groups need to do this with everything… unfortunately it means people without highspeed connections or with tiny harddrives will be fucked… but hey I don’t know anyone with either of those problems so they are faceless victims of progress now! :smiley:


Check the download page. They give you a new key that you use with the download version.

So wait… can I break open a game at the store and write down the CD Key and take it home and punch it in there?

Stop thinking about how to abuse the system! Anyway, I think someone would notice if you did that.

Don’t waste my time with your funny “morals”, man. Can I do that?

I don’t see why not. You’d have some problems if someone bought that copy though.