Why am I playing a sports game? I think I bought an RPG, actually it even says so in the cover, so why on earth am I playing a sports game?

In any case, I’m trying not to get assfucked by the Luca Goers or whatever they’re called. I’m getting the hang of the controls but this is still pretty though for me because, well, I STINK at sports games.

So, any tips for winning? And is winning even worth it?

Not really worth it now. All you will get is a measly Strength Sphere and a slight variation on the story scene afterwards. Later on in the game, however, Blitzball rewards become worthwhile, and once you reach the end of the game, there are really cheap tricks you can use to win easily every time AND get the prize you want.

If you’d like to win now, just do as Wakka says; shoot like crazy. Don’t let the other players get a point in if at all possible, and make sure Tidus does a lot during the first half so that his EXP causes him to get to Level 3. Then, at the halfway point, equip him with the Jecht Shot (assuming you did the practice scene on the S.S Winno correctly), and keep trying that until you get a point in.

I hope this helps.

I like the Blitzball game. I think with a little bit of tweaking (as in having tons of sports options like the Madden or NCAA football games), it could make a fine game for $20 or so.

I got a shot in on my third try, but they scored two during the second half and Tidus left the game. I hit reset and tried again (Thank you guys, I just love seeing that 5 Minute FMV each time) but the Jecht shot got somewhat blocked by an HP Drain.

Okay, fifth try and Tidus left the game even though we were still 0-0. Damnit, every time I try to the Jecht Shot, the randomized mechanics of the breakthroughs fuck me over, curiously similar to what happened in Tetra Master. And who the heck thought these mechanics? Why can they block by masses when I’m throwing the ball trough an open space?

If you are saying it’s not worth it I’ll just quit after a few more tries, but I’m pretty stubborn.

Ya, when you play it in the story, it’s not worth it. Wait till later, when you can recruit some decent players, and make a complete killing in it.

Blitzball is the only sport I have ever liked. So simple, yet so not-sucky like other sports… I wouldn’t mind a multiplayer-type thing myself.

(PS, if you ever play FFX-2, avoid Blitz because they BLEW IT. >E)

I give up, every time I get to the second half tied 1-1 Tidus leaves the field. Besides, there are two players that are IMPOSSIBLE to beat with less than four players at a time…

HEY! Why didn’t anybody tell me it gets so much easier once Tidus leaves? Wakka joined and I beat them 2-1. :smiley:

God, they sure did. I almost cried when I saw what they did to it then. =\

It took me forever to get the Jecht Shot on the Winno. I didn’t understand what the game was asking me to do for me to get it, and then someone finally explained it to me in a nonmetaphorical way. I think I posted for help on the forum expecting at least one person to laugh at me.

Same thing happened to me. I figured it out the second time around but I’m still pretty sure I only pressed the right buttons half of the time, though I still got a success. Odd.

Just wondering but… I’m not supposed to fill the Sphere Grid with every character am I? Because I almost peed myself when the camera zoomed off during the tutorial and showed me the size of this thing. Also, can someone explain these lock thingies to me?

No, you don’t need to fill it. (You can, but only if you have no life and way too much patience.) Each character has one part of the grid that’s meant for him/her, but s/he can then go out into other characters’ parts and start learning their abilities too. I generally got 2-3 characters’ abilities on one character by the time I finished the game.

Locks are just areas your characters’ icons can’t go past, but you can “open” them by using a Key Sphere, allowing you to explore that area. Locks are used a) between different characters’ grids, so you can’t just explore anywhere you want at any time; b) in front of big huge abilities, like Ultima or Auto-Life, so it’s not that easy to learn those (but once one character does, it’s not so hard to get others to do it).

It did, it’s called Tecmo World Cup Soccer, and it’s for the NES.

Playing for 5 hours straight helps you improve :stuck_out_tongue:

You made me sad Cid. :frowning:

Also, it took approximately 189 hours for me to do that. >_>

And knowing me, I’ll probably do it too :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a Lvl1 Key Sphere from some random dude, is there a limited number of these or I can just get them trough battles/minigames? Also, is there a point were the required AP needed to increase levels stays the same, or is it always going to be unphill? Because at this rate, the last hundred movements trough the Grid are going to take forever.

I just picked FFX up and decided to play it again, since I have nothing to do since its summer, and its been about… 4… or so years since I first played it (back when it came out first). I just missed the bonus stuff in Kilika temple, the cloyster of trials… but IIRC…

My memory is a bit foggy, but I get to go back into the temples later on, right?

On the other hand, I’m DAMN glad I saved the save file from my first playthrough, I have all but three of the al-bhed primers.

Oh, expect to get more or less raped the first few games of blitzball you play. I remember having to level up a bit before I even got to scoring any goals, but when I finally started making goals, it felt good.

Ugh. I payed like $20 and got one of the SFC Captain Tsubasa games. Couldn’t really take for than a few minutes of that. It was SO slow. Had great (for SNES) graphics though.
(I was really buying DQ5 AND 6 :mwahaha: , and the Captain came with 'em)

But, Blitz I guess might be a nice mini-game, if I didn’t completely suck at sports in both real life and games.

I’ve never played sports games enthusiastically, IRL or in games, so dont mind me if I’m off in saying this, but FFX’s blitzball felt much more ‘RPGish’ than I thought it would, like a half-rpg/sports hybrid. Of course, maybe all sports games (as in, video games :P) are like that, I wouldn’t know.

Really, its been a while, but I remember winning was more about strategy and levels than about ‘sportsmanship’, or whatever.

Which is precisely why Blitz is the only sports game I can stand. :stuck_out_tongue:

SE: Lvl 1 key spheres are pretty limited at first, but later on you’ll get quite a few from battles. Lvl 2, and especially 3 and 4 are much more rare.

As for your question about AP, I honestly don’t know as I didn’t really pay attention to how much AP it took to gain a level, but I remember it felt like I was gaining levels faster as I got through it. Hope that helps.

Yes, once you get the airship for good and talk to Mika.

There’s a plateau where the number of AP required remains static, once you’ve done most of the game.

Don’t really worry about filling in the sphere grid. It’s pretty overwhelming at first, but honestly it gets pretty full just as you go through the game.

Also, when Blitzball becomes an option at save points, I would suggest that you play with the default Besaid Aurochs. When they finally get some levels in them, they really are the best team around. But, if for some reason you aren’t satisfied with them at all, a good trick to pick up the best players from the best teams is to go to a save spot in the town they play for, find them, and play blitzball til they don’t get resigned by their team, then go sign them.