Blitzball-Not as original as you think

The game of Blitzball, from FFX, was not some clever game that Square made up. It is, in fact, a cheap copy from a WWII novel called “A Separate Peace”.
It’s not all about it, but a chunk of it is.

Read it last year. The book was ok, but… well, I couldn’t care less for it. And to call it a WWII novel is a little mis-leading in the fact that it has more to do with a college campus and a couple of teens within that era rather than the war.

Edit: Oh yeah. Blitzball in that book sucked, imo :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant WWII era. The point is that Square stole the idea from a book and I didn’t see any referance as to wear the got it to show permission that they used it.

All they did was use the name. I hardly consider that stealing. Thats like saying that Jay-Z’s Black Album was jacked from Metallica’s Black Album.

If you look at the rules of the game, it is extremely similair to the FFX version…except it’s not underwater.

“Extremely similar” is a hell of an exaggeration. As I recall, there were no real posisitions appointed - the point was to take a heavy ass medicine ball across a field line. Rules were added as sympathy to what his face.

Uh, it says that all peeps team up on the guy with the ball. Thats a bit of a difference. Even I know that blitzball was more like underwater soccer than anything else. All I see similarity wise is the name, which isn’t that hard to come up with (blitz has a meaning, you know).

Some of my friends were talking about this and I just wanted some opinions. Now I can stick some stuff in their faces on Monday.

Worse. Excuse. Ever. (nah, I’m messin wit ya)

In case your brain isn’t working Blitz ball is underwater rugby. So it’s based off of rugby, and is likely not a stolen idea it’s likely a cultural reference. Square tends to do that.

In other news, the Weather Channel is sueing Square over their illegal uses of the names ‘Cloud’ and ‘Squall’.

That’s retarded. They’ll never win.

Square might have used the name, possibly (in which case it’d make a worthy addition to the name origins page at the FFC), but even that’s not guaranteed, since “blitz” isn’t exactly a made-up or uncommon term, and everybody when making up a new sport just adds SOMETHING to the front of ball.

Not really the same. Metallica’s “Black” album is officialy their self-titled. >_>

Yeah, if anything, Jay-Z’s Black Album was an idea stolen from The Beatles’ White Album. You know because the Beatles were white and… yeah. It’s not that funny.

But seriously, Metallica’s Black Album is probably derived from the Beatles, since the White Album is officially self-titled too.

Perhaps it wasn’t intentionally named after the Beatles’ White Album, as they simply called it “Metallica” and didn’t know that people would start referring to it as the Black Album.

People call it The Black Album because of the black cover - and the fact that it was such a big album that people had to refer to it in some way, since it has no name. And the weather channel isn’t really suing square.

You people actually believed me on the Weather Channel Sueing square deal? Wow.

I read that back in high school. I brought this up several times before to friends. Yep, good to see other people notice it too.

Actually, the mechanics behind blitzball are stolen from the Captain Tsubasa games. Maybe the name and the rules were stolen from the novel, but the way the game works in-game has Captain Tsubasa (Tecmo World Cup Soccer for us non-Japanese) written all over it.