*blink* Holy fuck! This is just sick...

I mean, seriously… Where the hell is the world coming to?

I am apalled that the world could come to this, the idea of not helping a fellow person is just to alien to me, those people are less than scum.

I am REALLY Pissed about this, I mean, FUCK…This is just FUCKING SICK. I mean, Who the fuck ignores this Fuckign Shit!

angry Wert and Shal said it best…

Wertigon> Well, people are people wherever you go… But still, I find it hard to accept that not a single one tried to help her
Shalcar> same
Shalcar> I would gladly have spent all my energy trying to help her
Wertigon> Same here
Wertigon> Even if it would’ve meant being badly stabbed or something


I can’t beleive people would sit there and watch while she was being sexually abused that’s so sad ;.;

Umm… ok… that’s really sick… O_o

People these days -_-;

Girl> HELP!!!
People> "mutter mutter mutter busy busy busy… nice girlie, I have no time for your trouble busy busy…


What is wrong with people? I mean, how could you even consider just walking straight past and turning a blind eye? IMO, they’re as guilty as the rapist himself.

mine stomach doth churn with zeal.

Why does this not surprise me?

Originally posted by LunarCry
What is wrong with people? I mean, how could you even consider just walking straight past and turning a blind eye? IMO, they’re as guilty as the rapist himself.

KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL! drinks a glass of water
Urgh… I feel so furious when I hear about this kind of thing… It’s an outrage!

I hate humanity. As far as I’m concerned those people that watched were just as guilty…that’s just inconceivable…but not inhumane…it sadly does not surprise me. Little bastards.

And this is why I often find myself hating my human nature and thinking if humans deserve to be here…

Well it’s not like you were one of the ones watching :stuck_out_tongue: it’s good to know that not all people are like this, so before you send yourself to the grave, try not to overlook our entire species Manny.

This is why I wish I wasn’t powerless… This world needs justice… And I feel so FURIOUS every time I remember I can’t do a thing about it!

You’re only one person. To try and come to the aid and sympathize with every living person in need would drive you insane, and the human mind can’t comprehend all of that. Stuff like this happens everyday, not just in Germany, and not just to little girls. The first stept to helping people is to accept that you wont be able to save <i>everyone</i>. A thought like that can hold you back and distort your mind. And I’m getting well off topic but I had to say this.

Calmed down a bit now, but Damn this is some forked up donkey ass.
A few point i wish to…err…point out.
<ul><li>“at least two men watched the attack from a nearby balcony and did not move to help”
<li>"a group of four people walked by and also ignored her screams "
<li> “Police said his level of intoxication could serve as a mitigating factor in the case against him and save him from conviction.”
Mate, This is all forked. 3 strikes and ya out, germany…Despite a friends recommendation to go there, i be a black listing.

And THAT is why people should read the Bible. Sounds like a majorly fucked up version of the Good Samaritan story but without a happy ending. Those who don’t help are just as sick, twisted and guilty as the son of a bitch rapist himself.

Damn this! Oooh! If I could, I would beat the bastard into a bloody pulp! This is one of the lowest, most vile and sickening acts of cowardice! And those idiots, watching as if it was one of their dirty movies! Graaah! Those filthy bastards make me sick!

It’s unfortunately not tooooo surprising.
Can you even count how many times you’ve heard people say something like, “I’d do X-action any time I flippin’ feel like it if it weren’t against the law.”?
Some peoples’ morality is only in place because they fear the consequences, and not because of a sense of right and wrong.
It’s all in the moral development of a human being, and some people just don’t grow up.