In this video a kid beats Sephiroth in KH2 blindfolded.

Do you beleive This?

Looks real, he’s not looking at the screen, and even if there’s a mirror and the fold is thin, he is playing in reverse.

He’s good, one way or another.

I thought about it and i couldnt really think of a way he could be cheating but cheating or no cheating, hes good

Well im thinking he could of been inputting in cheats before he went into battle. Maybe giving him a cheat that would leave him with one health left that wont be taken away. I dont no, but it still seems kind of fishy. And if he isn’t cheating that kid is really effin good.

Unfortunately, whoever videotaped it didn’t keep the PS2 in view the entire time, so there’s still the possibility that they swapped controllers and had someone else play. And it would even be necessary to show the video connections, since they could also connect an entirely different PS2 to the television…there are definitely ways they could have been cheating.

Im not sure about KH2 but in KH it made an alarm go off when soras health was low. if he heard that he could just shortcut curaga

that would be hard because the camera was shaking and it might accedently show the swap

That is still possible in KH2 and what Vorpy said could of been a reasonable way to cheat at playing it blind folded

The 984 rules the poll.


I think that someone else was playing this fight.

Might I ask why he rolls up the controller cord before starting?

maybe he plays that way? maybe so the other guy dosent get the wires tangled when he takes over? maybe the guy dosent want to hit the wire when hes blindfolded? who knows

I don’t see why it’s not real.
It’s obvious part of the way through he has no idea where sephiroth is because he’s just randomly attacking dead air.

I say lots of practice! just remember what attack does what damage and what position hes in and you can beat him.

I keep getting illegal operations when I try to watch this…
He posted a version 2 video addressing several of the points brought up here, and he did it again there. Yeah, I think he did it.

I believe we can all agree though that The 984 is awesome.

Yeah, I voted that way too.

I wouldn’t doubt that it’s possible. Sephiroth is a cakewalk if know his pattern and he gives very distinct audio cues before everything. You’d just have to memorize the timing to stop his attacks when he does them. Not easy, but well within the realm of possibility.

I think its legit. Sepheroth is way easier in KH2 so this is perfectly possible through lots of practice. also he kept mashing buttons after the fight was over meaning he couldn’t tell. although that in itself is kinda fishy considering that when a boss dies it makes this real load ringing noise.