Blind see again, jesus not involved.

Holy crap :open_mouth:

Out with religion and miracles. Go science!

Ah, good old science, have I missed you so.

Ocular implants. Interesting Choice. I usually just go Personal cloaking first, followed by energy upgrade, but implants would help guide the nukes better…

This board is full of unbelievers.

ur are so right psy, u r so right

And morons, but that’s another thread for another day…

ya, dont want to ruin this one, people start to speak their minds. OH NO , say it aint so.

God is dead!

I heard all those christian folk were a bunch of queers

Vote Bush 2005

Oh yes, that’s right. I wasn’t speaking MY mind just then, was I? STUPID-FUCKING-ME!

Which Bush is running in 05? It’s gotta be like City Coucil or something to have an election in an odd numbered year.

Damn straight he is

Hmmm… I wonder how long it’ll take before actual ocular enhancement implants are available. That would make glasses, magnifying glasses, binoculars and microscopes almost obsolete. ^^

My mother has ocular degeneration… this would be awesome.

(Hellz yeah)

I have a cool goal, but i cant tell u. It’ll ruin it, and people will think bad things, hmhmhmhmhmaahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!