Blade Trinity

Just got back from it.

I must admit, it exeeded my expectations. I didn’t have high hopes for this…you all know how sequals can be. But this was quite good.

Anyone else seen yet?

Not yet, I do plan on seeing it very soon though. :open_mouth:

I saw it yesterday, I liked it. I think that Jessica Biel was a horrible actress, and her device that was a lightsabre bow thing is a horribley lame device. just cuz she is “hot” is not an excuse to put her into a movie. she was the worst character I think i’ve ever seen in a movie. just terrible. its folds up into a little box, thats dumb. but Dracula and Hannibal King made up for her lameness. King was hiiiiilareous, and Dracula had some cool ass shape shifting.

also blade had a sweet ass coat.

Go Triple H!

I am-uh the vampire-uh. I have-uh a big-uh nose-uh and fangs-uh.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been wanting to. I’mma see if my friend wants to go.

I’ll watch it after my exams are done… sigh.

I’d see it if Vin Diesel and The Rock were in it, and if instead of fighting vampires they were fighting robot vampires.

OK, We’re (2k+BN) Watching the Blade Trilogy Complety out of order… In other words we’ve not seen the other two. But Placed a reserve for them to rent at my local Game/PC Repair/Newsagents/Video\DVD Rental store.

So WWE Raw actors/Westlers make some extra Cash, By westling the suporting cast.

2k + Big Nutter (Did a Low rate MST)
I like the Shower, and so did 2k.



Haven’t seen it yet. I’m still waiting to catch a ride to see The Incredibles again (possibly the BEST movie of the year, at least in its genre). I’m not a Blade fan, so I think I will wait for the DVD. But I hear it’s pretty well done, at least from what I read in WIZARD magazine.

BTW, it’s rumored that this is the last Blade movie, and that they introduced The Nightstalkers so they could spin them off into their own movies.

And for those who didn’t know, all of these characters were introduced decades ago in Marvel’s DRACULA comic (Yes, HE had his own series! But make no mistake, he was EEEVIL!) Funny that now he shows up in Blade’s movie. ^^

Hey Charle, I think I forgot to say this, but your Kuai Chan Kane avatar (from the original KUNG FU tv series!) nets you +25 coolness points. That was a great show, and actually thaught me a few philosophical concepts.

Merlin, on the other hand, gets -50 points for using that most hated Justice League ripoff, The Authority, as an avatar. XP

Hey, don’t knock The Authority, yo. They rock.

The Authority is everything that the Justice League isn’t. I’ll admit though that the inspiration for the series is probably Morrison’s landmark JLA work.

BWA HA HA Just wanted to see what Merl’s reaction would be. I have nothing against the Authority, really. To be fair, despite the similarities, the two teams can’t be compared… The JL is a traditional Super Hero team, the Authority is (intentionally) breaking those cliches. I prefer the former, but the latter is just as valid.

And this needs to be said: Midnighter is, without a doubt, the most badass homosexual in existance. Hands down.

Am I the only one who thinks it sucked?

Haven’t seen it…probably won’t until it’s out on dvd. :\

the JLA dreams of being The Authority. I’d take the Engineer over “Martian Manhunter” any day :P:P:P

My favorite Midnighter moment is when he is fighting the X-Men ripoff group singlehandedly. He’s slaughtering them, and the last one left is the Wolverine or Beast character. The guy says, “Please, I have children out there” or something like that. As the Midnighter knocks off the guy’s head with a weapon, he says “They’re better off without you.”

Uh, no they don’t. The whole point of the JLA is to try to prove that absolute power does NOT corrupt absolutely. While it can be argued they’re too soft at times (at least most of the Authority’s enemies don’t come back!) they know that if they just went around killing people they’d just make things worse in the end (a fact the A is starting to realize, in their latest stories.)

Oh, and if you think Authority could whip the JLA’s butt, that’s a popular fan belief, based on the A’s ruthlessness; they keep forgetting the JLA has dealt with its own utterly ruthless villains and still defeated them. In fact, in Action Comics #750 (I think) Superman alone took down The Elite, a team that was obviously a take on the A. :slight_smile: