Black Mages II-The Skies Above

Just got it. Not bad so far. Matoya’s Cave from FFI is done exceptionally well. They got Otherworld (that death-ish metal track from FFX) on it too… and it’s pretty bad. They really REALLY watered it down. It sounds like an 80’s anime theme or something. The pure aggression is completely gone. I gotta listen to it agian, and differently, since it’s essentially a different song. Man with the Machine gun (FFVIII) appears to be the highlight so far. Havent listened to the rest yet.

I like The Skies Above the best.

Man with a Machine Gun is the only one I liked… Im actually disappointed with this album. I really loved the first one and had such high expectations. And holy hell, what is WRONG with them, Otherworld did not need that bastardization. >_<

It wasn’t THAT bad. I like all the songs. But the first one was better.

I like this one more, in that it’s less synth-heavy. But the first one had more tracks I was familiar with. I played the games from which they did the songs on this one, but less of them I recognized, “rock-ness” notwithstanding

I loved this one just as much as the first one.

Comic Book Guy Voice from Simpsons Worst. Album. Ever.

Oh, you and your elitist music views. Go back to watching High Fidelity and leave us plebians to enjoy what we enjoy. 8p

Ok, it’s not THE worst album… but it is a definite letdown compared to the first… the vocal tracks were particularly lame IMO.

High Fidelity ? What’s that, a TV show ? If so… I haven’t watched ANY TV in the past 3 years :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it’s a movie about music geeks. Came out I dunno… about 15 years ago. Somewhere around that.

Never heard of it. Though I have no shame admitting I’m a music geek =P

Just curious… did they do a good job on “The Dreadful Fight”?

I’ll second this opinion.

I’m highly disapointed.

I wish I had this CD. I’m so poor.

I was unimpressed with the two samples they put up awhile back. I had hoped the album as a whole would be better.

Heh. DG would fit right in with the guys on High Fidelity… that is if they were into Video Game music. =P