Black Isle studios... NOT shutting down!

What’s the bigger news, the news article or that RPGlamer can report good stuff once in a while?
Hooray! :yipee:

Yay, I can stop despising Interplay now. At least this means there’s still a chance for Fallout 3 to be released. And maybe some more of their wonderful D&D RPGs.

Fallout 3!

<img src=“”> That’s great, but if I remember correctly the majority of the programmers, designers etc have walked out of the door or got laid off. So uh, yay?

Awwwwwww No riots, I guess. No gamers burning Interplay down… no righteous army fo angry gamers for me…

Oh, that’s nice…excuse me for a moment…

:yipee: :yipee: :yipee:

Oh, thank God!

PC RPGs may actually have a future!

Now I’m officially confused on the matter. I’ll take RPGamer’s word for it though, for the moment, since the ‘disgruntled employee spreading rumors’ stuff is highly plausible.



The news are a bit old though, I seem to recall I read about it a week ago. Too bad they didn’t dismiss 3DO as rumours too, even if it saved us from more Army Men games.



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[b]Oh, that’s nice…excuse me for a moment…

:yipee: :yipee: :yipee: [/b]

Yay ^^

The Baldur’s gate saga shall continue!

:D:D * 10 ^1000

Now my dreams will be about fallout 3 and not torching interplay’s office.

HORA! NIPPONICHI!! ^_______________________^

Uh yeah, Fallout 3 wasn’t cancelled because it was technically never announced, and many of the former employees of BI have been posting on forums saying that BI was shut down and all the employees had been laid off. Don’t get your hopes up folks.

YAY! Though… I don’t think they are going to resurrect my beloved infinity engine… may you rest in peace

Actually, the Baldur’s Gate series is over and isn’t coming back (Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance isn’t part of the series. It’s ripping off the name to capitalize on the success when the games aren’t even about the same stuff.) Bioware said Throne of Bhaal ended the series, as if you’ve beaten it, it does show a conclusion of sorts depending on what all you did.

Also, Icewind Dale 2, sadly, was the last game to use the Infinity Engine. It’s not going to be used anymore. =/

And eh, we can always hope CH. And though Fallout 3 might not have been officially announced, I think most people did consider it to have been scheduled for production and such.

Fallout 3 was aliased as Project Van Buren, and was never officially announced. There are actually a few screenshots you can grab. The large majority of BI staff were given the boot, not to mention the departures of Fallout greats like Avellone and Sawyer. Despite Interplays optimism, any hope for Fallout 3 will most likely depend entirely on BOS (a total POS) saving the company, which is quite a gamble since BOS sucks so much ass. With any luck, BOS will fall flat and Interplay can sell the Fallout franchise off in desperation to Silver Style.