BizARF! BARF! MAMA! That made my day...

Now it’s time to talk about River City Ransom EX! Mini-review!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the last decade, werent born, an idiot, don’t own an NES or just plain unlucky, you must have heard of River City Ransom on ye ol’ Nintendo. The oldschool people loved that game in general. And it’s was badass. Strollin’ trough a city with a pal, beating up foolish Generic Dudes that dares to get in your way using mad kung-fu special moves and steal their pockets money. And what a bouncing currency it was!

And now…River City Ransom EX is out for GBA in the US. Some might whine that the t-shirt/jeans of the American version is not there and they used the japaness school uniform scheme instead. It’s still look awesome. They upgraded the fighting(lots of new moves), you can recruit people in your posse(including the Generic Dudes, all 31 of them!) and edit your character’s apperance(yes, apperance, all gang colors with an few more, an hundred or so face styles, hair styles and stuff. Pretty big.) thanks to an special item found in the secret shop in the tunnel highway(Merlin’s), not to mention to get boss characters you normaly can’t get with anoter item! .

One bad this is that there is no Co-OP or competitive 2player, but that’s not a big deal. The AI’s not too bad, and you can link anyway to send a friend a copy of your character data(Stats and ‘behavior’, the game keep tract of your playing style) for him to play along with his own character.

It’s pretty neat.

Oh, on a side note…you can’t save your game. Only character data. So you have to beat the game in one sitting, but that’s alright-- game’s not very long anyway.

I’m quite exited about this…like I’ve mentioned elsewhere, it’s a chance for today’s generation to experiance RCR. Lack of a co-op mode sucks, but it won’t totally ruin the game.

Ah. Now I finally remember what RCR was. I’ll probably get it, like, now. :smiley: