K, I have a question for y’all. What do you think of biting in a relationship? I don’t mean nibbling, I mean biting and leaving visible marks, sometimes breaking skin. What would you do if your boy/girlfriend wanted to bite you?

I ask because my girlfriend bites and a lot of people are freaked out by it and some find it pretty disturbing, but I like it. I’m something of a masochist, though, so maybe it’s just me.

I think its sort of sensual.

I see nothing wrong with it.

It’s just you. As fucking usual. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what I would do. Probably let it have a go.

If you don’t mind the pain, have at it! There are many many many more things that people do casually in relationships that is considered “unusual” by the public than biting!

bites Trinity

As long as it doesn’t draw blood (And gives it time to heal before doing it again) I doubt I would mind.

Izlude, wasn’t your girlfriend called Yuki?

I think it’s alright as long as it isn’t excessive and doesn’t come off as if you’re trying to prove something. This guy in junior high had a bruise on his neck the size of my fist. That comes off as looking desperate and embarrassing.

I word: Eeeeeeeeeew…

pwnd. >>;;

Just don’t do it in pubilc

Um, my unofficial opinion is that it’s a GGG thing. (Read Savage Love sometime if you don’t get it.) However, if visible marks = visible to the general public, it would probably be best to forgo it. A former coworker of mine spent her weekend going for conjugal visits with her jailed-for-vehicular-homicide drunk driving boyfriend, and she’d wear scarves for almost the entire work week to cover the “love bites.” Every week. God, we STILL laugh about it.

As always, what I say about it is “Whatever floats your boat”. If you like it, and she likes it, then it’s not a problem unless you wan to make it one. :slight_smile:

Er… Cala, if she’s breaking your skin… I’d say knock it off. Like, are we talking breaking the skin a tiny bit, or biting a piece of flesh off your arm? I can’t see how that is arousing. O.o;

Sounds find to me. ^^

I would be okay with that myself, aslong as it didn’t hurt too much. I hope things are going well for you and your girlfriend, Cala. ^^


Well normally I’d say what goes on in the bedroom is your business, but biting to break the skin sounds a little sadistic. I really don’t think causing pain and sex should ever be intermingled if possible. If you like it, that’s your business I guess.

And also we need a thread in the polling forum so people can stop making threads as thinly veiled excuses to mention they have a girlfriend.

So long as they don’t leave a gaping wound, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

I’ve never messed around with a girl that bit, but it’s pretty common. I doubt I would like it though. I don’t like sharp pains, and anything less is just putting your teeth on someone. I guess I can’t knock it til I’ve tried it, but aurally, it sounds like a big turn-off.

The most important point, though: If you like it, who fucking cares? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s fine by me. :slight_smile:

Hey, if you both like it, who gives a shit what other people think? There are a lot of “worse” things you guys could be into, according to the mainstream. I say, bite away.