Bit Torrent and .mdf + .mds

I downloaded Diablo 2 through Bit Torrent. Now I have these .mdf and .mds files that I don’t know what to do with.


They’re image files for Alcohol 120%. I’ll give it to you next time you’re in the chat.

You can also use Daemon Tools (that’s what I use, it’s really simple). Just do a Google search for it, it’s free.

Yeah, you could. Alcohol 120% does the same thing and is pretty idiotproof as well. “Free” is subjective. I just don’t recommend daemon tools because I’ve had some pretty nasty experences with it. Don’t ask me how, but the two times I installed it (took a second time to realize it actually caused), it wiped out my NTLDR. Weird? Yes. Random? Yes. Highly unlikely it’d happen to anyone else? Most likely.

hmm, last time I checked, deamon tools didn’t read mdf and mds files because they’re images made by alcohol and deamon doesn’t have the emulation options that alcohol 120 does in order to properly run the image

Another good point.

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Well, I’m using Daemon Tools right now and it’s got an MDS file loaded, so bleh. 8p

“Hey, could I please ask you all how to pirate a game a lot of you paid a fuckload of money for? Thanks! Sorc.”

But dude, when you play: Barbarian. Or Druid if you have the expansion.

He won’t be able to play online except on lan unless he finds a valid cd key.

Or he could just go to the store and look at the box.

somewhat on topic, but what do I have to use with these .ace files I downloaded today?

edit: Apparantly they are some sort of odd archive format. Power Archiver recognized them.

Don’t they usually keep CD-kets, y’know, inside the manuals?

Most of them are on the little plastic case for the CD. Just ask to see if the game is really inside or something, and then write down the number.