Bit of shameless self-promotion here

For anyone who can receive Channel 5 in the UK (okay, not many, granted) watch out for yours truly appearing on “Memory Bank”, going out on June 1st at 11AM (BST)! :slight_smile: I stand to win a potential £2000 jackpot… but I also have to pay my own travel fare- Lincoln-Bristol is about £70. As it goes out live, though, by the evening of June 1st you should know whether to pm me begging letters or virtual food parcels :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be cheering your opponent.

Appearing on a gameshow?

Not many people get a chance to do that. Lucky you.

Wow, good luck neb.

Tell me if you win, because unfortunatly i wont be able to see it ;_;

What do you have to do in this game show?

Too bad I don’t.
I could have used a good laugh. *Nod, nod.

Nice Neb, good luck and everything, I’ll probably watch if I get the chance.