Birth of the Cidolfas

Happy birthday, Cidolfas. I might not know you yet, but still. :kissy:

Happiest of birthdays Cid! Have one for me :toast:, but don’t party too hard!

Happy birthday! May you recieve caik and many books, Ciddy!

Happy Bday Cid :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Cid. Many happy returns.

Happy birthday you!


Happy b-day Cid!

Happy birthday, you level-headed religious nut, you.

Happy birthday!

My Cid shrugged his shoulders and shook his head,
-Good news, Álvar Fáñez, for we are banished from this land!-
My Cid Ruy Díaz entered Burgos,
in his company sixty pennons, women and men came out to see him,

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Cid! :moogle:

Happy birthday.

Hey another green haired birthday man. Happy birthday.

…sorry, just had to. >.>

Happy Birfday Cid! :E

Happy Belated Birthday Cid.

Trill :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy BB-Day Cid!

Thanks everybody! Man, I can’t believe I’m 28 and still hanging out on a site about video games. 8p

Don’t worry about it Cid, I’ve already come to the conclusion that I’ll probably still be playing games when I’m 50 :hahaha;!

Sorry I only just found out about your BD, Cid, I was busy. Hope you had a fun day anyway.

Hush with the numbers, you. :smiley: