I got a chance to play the demo at a friend’s house, and it looks AMAZING. Almost makes me want a 360 of my own, seriously.

Gun-toting psychos, demons and huge green things with teeth I can handle. But creepy little girls? SHUDDER


Just finished playing the demo…for the fourth time. And considering the crap that passes for demos on the 360, the fact that I’m STILL playing it is a bloody miracle. The graphics are excellent, especially the water effects. The gameplay seems pretty interesting, although it takes forever to switch to the weapon/plasmid you want, and the enemies chew your health down to nothing even on normal difficulty. And watching the Big Daddy drill into a Splicer’s stomach just before smashing his face into a window repeatedly is simply kickass.

The only quibble I really have so far is with the story. Mostly, it’s the sheer number of stupid coincidences and illogical choices made by the protagonist. He’s like, “Hey, I just survived a fiery plane crash into the middle of the ocean! I’ll go swim to that creepy lighthouse over there! Oh, there’s a switch inside; I’ll pull it! Wow, now I’m inside a ruined underwater city built by a wealthy egomaniac and filled with deadly monsters! What better choice than to abandon my one hope of leaving and EXPLORE!”

Besides that, I’m definitely getting this game…at some point. goes to decide between BioShock, Halo 3, Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, and Mass Effect

Release it, already!

Go to Toys R Us and you might be able to snag a leaked 360 copy.

ill be playing it in less than 12 hours. i played the demo to it tonight for the first time and it was awesome but in a week ill be playing blue dragon over this game for a while

i just wanted to know if anybody knew all the rewards you get from rescuing all the little sisters i got two of them already i just wanna know the other set of items you get

Beats me… I want the adam so I always kill 'em. I’ll probably play through again later though and save them.

And it is pretty tough - I’m playing on the Hard difficulty - but it’s not stupid tough like some games are.

Can someone tell me whether or not the default controls are changeable, particularly the stick layouts? I really want to get this game, but I have way too much trouble playing FPS games on the default Move/Strafe Look/Turn layout.

k, that’s it, I think my next console is gonna be a 360. (The PC version installs a rootkit.)

It’s not a rootkit it’s just an annoying DRM service with similar properties. Still it’s unnecessary as hell.

I saw my friend play it and it looks amazing. I really want it. I’m in the process of getting a 360 with a nice HD TV so I’ll probably just opt for the 360 version.

Just finished it…

[SPOILER]I got the “You’re an Evil Bastard” ending 'cause I harvested all the Little Sisters. I’ll probably play through again though and save them all so I’ll feel better, but whatever.

Overall I take back what I said about challenge… once I got a few upgrades and learned how to use my abilities, the environment, and the stupidly powerful wrench the game was really easy, even on the Hard difficulty. The Big Daddies I couldn’t catch in some sort of trap and had to actually fight head to head were somewhat challenging but they’re pretty few and far between.

Hacking was also something that I thought was way too easy. But, I think it was just the controls, I can’t see how it would be possible to rearrange / uncover the tiles nearly as fast with a controller. I was able to solve almost all the hacking scenes before the liquid even flowed three tiles, even with the difficulty all the way to the right.

I like the plasmids - they added quite a bit of depth to what would otherwise be a straightforward shooter with a few puzzle elements.

Graphics were great, of course. My Geforce 8800 GTX could run it at max settings (1600x1200 resolution) which kind of surprised me since the card’s six months old. Makes me want to play UT3 now :).

No multiplayer is a downer though :(. Guess I’ll keep playing UT2004 for a while.[/SPOILER]

i just beat it today, i did the save every little sister thing. I played on hard also.

The game was awesome but it was pretty easy, especially the last boss. i got ready for some fucking crazy hard guy, like i got full ammo. i only only used two guns, the grenade launcher and the bow, and only needed like 12 frag grenades and some trap bolts. The best part of the ending was when all the little sisters came out and started to stab the shit out of Fontaine

And how do you get the third ending?

Is there really a 3rd ending?

I’ve heard it’s only for the PC version, but I really don’t think there is. It’s just a supposedly nicer sounding version of the bad ending.

I beat the PC version last week. It’s a pretty solid game, I’d pick it up if you were a SS fan.

The atmosphere is great, although it kind of loses momentum the farther into the game you get. It’s got some great pre-scripted moments, the first encounter with the houdini splicers made me jump.

The gatherers gardens was the only thing I didn’t really like. Even if you choose the good path you still have enough adam to buy 90% of the upgrades. I would have preferred a much larger selection of upgrades and plasmids and had to choose what to customize my character with.

I’ve heard criticisms that the plasmids aren’t really powerful enough, in the sense that you are perfectly capable of going through the whole game with using just weapons but not plasmids, but the reverse is damn near impossible. (Though I haven’t played, so I defer judgment to people who have.)

Actually, it’s better if you save all the little sisters, because you get a bonus from each area if you save all of them that’s actually Adam than harvesting. Plus ups and items.

My main complaint with the Gatherer’s Garden was that they initially hyped it up so that there would be a true moral dilemna between harvesting or rescuing the Little Sisters. Ultimately, there really isn’t due to the rewards you get for rescuing. I would have rather seen either you get significantly more Adam from harvesting and the upgrades cost more, or you get significantly less Adam from rescuing the Little Sisters/the rewards. I think after rescuing all of them, I couldn’t get 3 or 4 upgrades, but it didn’t really matter in the end anyways.

Plasmids are fairly powerful, but the problem is that the one that actually does lots of damage- incinerate, takes a while before it’s powerful enough to really kill enemies in a decent amount of time. With the right tonics, it works beautifully, but some of those you don’t get til near the end of the game. I’m trying to play through on Hard now with just the Wrench and Plasmids to make myself use them more, so I’ll see how that goes.