Biology question

How do hedgehogs/porcupines have sex without getting the male killed by the female’s spikes?

I’m serious about this.

The female gets into a special flattened posture. :x

Animals have been doing this for like, ever. They ALWAYS find a way, yup yup.

The penis is that long.

<i>Porcupines first breed when they are one or two years old. In the southern part of their range they mate in September, but in the more northerly latitudes, in late October to November. The male will follow the female during this period and serenade her with grunts and humming. The female is in heat, or sexually receptive, for only eight to 12 hours and frequently initiates courtship. When she is ready to mate, she indulges in a kind of dance with the chosen male, where they both rise on their hind feet to embrace, all the while whining and grunting. Sometimes they place their paws on each other’s shoulders and rub their noses together; then they may cuff each other affectionately on the head and finally push one another to the ground. Mating used to be the subject of considerable speculation and ingenious theories, but the explanation is simple. The female flattens her quills and twists her tail out of the male’s way so he can mount in the normal fashion. Mating finishes abruptly and either one of the partners then climbs a tree and screams at the other if further approaches are made.</i> - From here

In short, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a hedgehog or porcupine, but they obviously don’t always have their spikes up, only when they feel threatened/ alert. :stuck_out_tongue: When they’re not, they lie flat on them like fur. You can even pet them. ^^

I totally bet that mating process has surfaced in some low budget porn movie somewhere.

That mating process sounds kind of cute.

Everything about hedgehogs are cute.

You beat me to it XD

edit: so if you surprise a couple of porcupines mating and throw a rock at them, would the female get adrenal for feeling threatened and put her quills up, impaling the male like a spike trap?

edit 2: When I read that explanation for the first time I read ‘fore legs’ instead of ‘hind’ ones. And it got me the most WTF expression ever. I even thought it made sense because other small mammals like skunks can do this move pretty skillfully.

Comedy “Collect 100 rings to gain extra hedgehog” option.

Not likely. The spikes don’t retract like claws, they just lay flat. At most, they would act with the male as a catapult would, except without enough strength to be more than a slight push.