Billy Joel is the man.

<!-- If you disagree, you’re fucking mental. And I hate you. With the firey passion of a thousand suns. -->Workin’ too hard can give you a heartattack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack.

While he may have written “My Life,” let us not forget that he shall burn in hell for “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

I liked that one…it’s a whole 20th century history lesson in song format. :o

“Ballad of Billy the Kid”
“Billy Joel, Piano Man”
“We didn’t start the fire”

I liked alot of his songs.

I like playing and trying to sing Piano Man on the piano.

<i>What’s the matter with the songs he’s singin’
Can’t you tell that they’re pretty lame
After listenin’ to a couple albums
Well, they all start to sound the same

So he tried to change his musical style
He tossed all his ballads in the circular file
Then he found the punk sound
Breakin’ ground all around
It’s still Billy Joel to me

What’s the matter with the tune he’s writin’
Well, you know it’s gonna be a smash
It’s so nice when you’re a big name artist
Doesn’t matter if it sounds like trash

Now everybody thinks the new wave is super
Just ask Linda Ronstadt or even Alice Cooper
It’s a big hit, isn’t it
Even if it’s a piece of junk
It’s still Billy Joel to me

Woah, it doesn’t matter what the critics say about him
‘Cause he doesn’t worry how they feel
When you’re record’s sellin’ millions and it’s goin’ triple platinum
You don’t worry 'bout your next meal
'Cause money is no big deal

Maybe he should dye his hair bright pink
And stick a safety pin through his cheeks
Then he’d really fit the new wave image
But he couldn’t sit down for weeks

Don’t you know about the record business, honey
You gotta be trendy if you wanna make some money
Now everybody’s sayin’ that he sure sounds funny
But it’s still Billy Joel to me

All right

I can hardly wait 'til his next album
Well, I’ll bet it’s gonna be the rage
Buy a ticket to his next big concert
Well, I wonder what he’ll do on stage

It might be disco and it might be the blues
Or maybe even somethin’ like the B-52’s
Just a handclap, finger snap
Even if it’s mindless pap
It’s still Billy Joel to me

Everybody’s sayin’ that he sure sounds funny
But it’s still Billy Joel to me</i>

The only Billy Joel song I like is “It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me,” which coincidentally provides the melody for the lyrics Hiryuu has so graciously dumped on us. =P

Pun intended, Sat? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I voted that Billy Joel is a man because I’m not a lameo.

I doubt it. We Didn’t Start the Fire was a horrible song.

I, however like Billy Joel. Moving Out was my first Broadway musical I went to.