Alright this has been all the rage in the chat so I thought I’d share it all with the non-chatters. Vorpy currently has the highest score of 9519.

I’ve been playing that nonstop. I’ve seen scores of 8,000 meters.

Current high score is 3,685.38 meters.

After 1529m I gave up. o.o

I got 13889.43, if you want proof, too bad.

EDIT: Now with 75% more proof!!

He(or she?)'s not groping them, he’s kicking the crap out of them… o_O

<a href=“”>jpeg because imageshack had kb limit.</a>


Heheh very interesting. My highest so far is 949.55 meters.

DAMMIT! I was JUST about to post this!

Oh well, my high score is 4356.13. Trying for higher

Holy smeg, so was I! :3 And, uh, I haven’t been keeping track of my scores. I know I’m in the 3000s …

my best is 5419.54. this thing is addicting

Whoo, I got up to 4439.49 before my computer hardware class. :smiley:

the fruits of my insanity

I don’t know why this is so fun, but my record is standing at 2599.45m. Currently building on it… :smiley:

If only we could tell what the purpose of the game was… and read the instructions…

I found it even more fun after I started playing Final Fantasy battle music in the background. :smiley:

I got over 5k, cause I got three specials right in a row, it was madness.

I totally didnt get this game and just repeatedly hit the aerials button. Got 1400m. oO Weird. Boring. Meh.

And my distance for that run

I got over 900 meters of height on my best run. I didn’t take a picture of it, though =/.