Bikers support Bush

Something for a good cause at least.

Some Pow/Mia biker group got invited to the White house. Something Good bush did for once.

Out of how many shitty things he did?

Good for what? His image? Woo, I’m gonna invite some bikers to my house, maybe that’ll make me popular. -.-;

If they are prisoners of war and missing in action, how can they be at the White House? How can they even be bikers?

Every time he does something to improve his image, he immediately does four more things that proceed to ruin it. I don’t know why people bother posting good news about him anymore.

What good news? Is he choking on another preztel or something? starts praying

The rare few good things that appear sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

How is this a good thing? Bush has the irrational support of a group of pro-veteran bikers who would clearly be better served by Kerry who is himself a veteran and a biker, and he has rewarded them with a tour of the whitehouse and a message thanking them for their support and for looking him in the eye as they talked about what they are doing to support veterans. I cannot see how anything good came of the white house visit.

It’s like how Bush reads briefings from intelligence agencies alerting him to national security issues, and he thinks to himself “good, the agencies are doing their jobs”. The bikers tell him what they are doing to help veterans, and Bush thinks “good, these people are doing a good thing”. It doesn’t change his plans (allow the lower class to be exploited for the good of the wealthy).

I saw him shaking hands with the devil one time

By good thing I mean something that doesn’t hurt the U.S. domestically or further degrade its relationship with the rest of the world.

Not to mention they aren’t real bikers. I saw something about it on the news and none of 'em were Hell’s Angels, tough as nails, bad ass bikers. Bush has the wussy, wife and husband bikers.

Well, it’d be pretty stupid to invite Hells’ Angels, wouldn’t it? Not a group someone who hopes to get to keep running a country would want to be associated with.

But are the groups which he’s currently associated with any better?

yeah he did shake hands with the devil after all