Big sims news

Well after 5(soon to be 6) expansion packs it seems that EA is finally going to make an actual sequal to the sims. Think it’s just another expansion pack with a 2 stuck at the end or finally the real deal?

I just hope they make the area you control a bit bigger or something. There’s only so much you can do with 2 floors :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not big on the Sims, but my mom is. But this looks interesting regardless.

I don’t mind if it’s another expansion. Keeping all the old stuff plus the new would be pretty cool.

The new Expansion looks awsome, I must aquire

The Sims was just…annoying. How many expansions can a game have?

The sims was interesting, but what got annoying was that to do half the fun stuff you actually had to buy the expansions.

If the new game has all the features they’ve offered so far rolled into one then I’ll consider getting it.

For me, The Sims got boring very quickly, but I might take a look at the new expansion. The expansions started getting a little annoying after the fourth one.

noooo, my sims can’t die! They are gods! Gods among men!

Meh I like the games, most of my friends just sat there and used the money code, I did a few times just to mess around but I play legit on it. I’ve got to the point with a few sims where they were going to work in a dodge viper(well what looks like one)

But I like the games…

Originally posted by Merlin
noooo, my sims can’t die! They are gods! Gods among men!

Say that to the sim that lit up like a christmas tree.:stuck_out_tongue:

Ah… Torturing Sims, my unlimited source of sadist pleasure. I had so many ways of making them suffer but my favorite was the Boredom Room: A closed doorless room with absolutely nothing but a turned-on radio that never let them sleep. I made a great colection of tombs for my backyard.

And you wouldn’t believe how usefull a Ghost Repairman is.